COMMENTARY: Stop Telling Us Not to be Sexy

I’m just going to get right into it: stop telling us not to be sexy. Stop telling us to cover up and hide our bodies because it makes you uncomfortable. Stop telling us we should be ashamed. Stop telling us how to behave.

Stop telling us not to be sexy.

There is no “one size fits all,” and there will never be one style for everyone, either. Some people are hip and modern. Some are classic and traditional. Some dress and carry themselves in ways which are considered “modest.” We live in a fairly conservative country, so that’s okay. But some people have alternative expressions – fashion and lifestyles, which may push the boundaries of what is currently acceptable. Our country is also a progressive country, so exploring new expressions should be okay.

If we don’t evolve, we’ll get left behind.

What is being sexy, anyway? The dictionary defines “sexy” as being desirable, and when phrased that way, who wouldn’t want to be wanted? Sexiness is a quality assigned to a person by those who observe them – by those who are attracted to them or want to be like them. It’s not your fault if someone thinks you’re sexy! It’s a compliment, so don’t be offended. Be proud.

It’s important to realize that there is more than one way to be sexy. The word “sexy” sometimes implies a sinful behavior, but actually it comes naturally to women who carry themselves with confidence. A mother of four might wear a figure-flattering dress to take her kids to school, and there, she might be considered sexy. A young manager might dress in “power clothes” for her meetings, and in the boardroom be considered sexy. The same women might later wear just shorts and sports bras for their daily exercise, and that might also be sexy. There isn’t just one way because there aren’t any rules. Sexiness is confidence. It’s feeling good about yourself.

Everybody wants to feel good about themselves.

When someone gets a chance to be confident, don’t take it away. Don’t tell them to be different just because they aren’t like you. Stop making people feel bad for doing things that make them feel good. Stop telling them not to be sexy.

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