WATCH: Here’s the Trailer for New Prime Video Series “Comedy Island Philippines”

Get ready to embark on a laughter-filled adventure like never before as Prime Video releases the official trailer of the much-anticipated original series, “Comedy Island Philippines.” Breaking new ground as the first Filipino Original of its kind on Prime Video, this show promises a unique blend of reality, comedy, and adventure, all set against the backdrop of a mysterious island.

comedy island philippines

“Comedy Island Philippines” represents a monumental stride in Amazon Studios’ commitment to the Philippines, marrying the thrill of an adventure show with the hilarity of a comedy special. This innovative series showcases the remarkable talents of some of the country’s finest comedians, actors, and social media stars.

The show’s massive sets, strategically located on an enigmatic island, are ready to witness a showdown of wit, humor, and camaraderie as the contestants find themselves marooned on the mysterious Tawa-Tawa Island. Resurfacing after a century, this island becomes the stage for the centennial games, testing the contestants’ improvisational skills and quick thinking. Their mission becomes twofold as they compete in unscripted scenarios: bring laughter to the island’s inhabitants and secure enough votes to earn a chance to return home.

Anchored by a star-studded cast, “Comedy Island Philippines” brings together household names and rising talents. Carlo Aquino, Rufa Mae Quinto, Andrea Brillantes, Jerald Napoles, Cai Cortez, Awra Briguela, Justine Luzares, and Drew Arellano come together to infuse the series with charisma and wit.

Produced in collaboration between Amazon Studios and BASE Entertainment Asia, this six-part series is all set to premiere on August 31, 2023. Viewers can anticipate three episodes per week for two weeks, from August 31 to September 7.

“Comedy Island Philippines” will be exclusively available on Prime Video along with hundreds of other shows and films available on the Prime Video catalog, such as “Fit Check,” “Cattleya Killer,” “Ten Little Mistresses,” “Deleter,” and “Walang KaParis.”

Watch the trailer below!

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