College Admission Test and Review Sessions (CATERS)

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CATERS provides valuable remedial preparations covering fields such as English, Science, Mathematics, and Abstract Reasoning. Pre-register at for a Php 100 reg fee or pay Php 120 for walk-ins.

The season of university entrance exams for the incoming freshmen from senior high schools all around the country is fast approaching. A number of review centers have their places packed with students who are studying and preparing hard for their next big step to a successful future.

These centers are mostly located in Manila; if you reside in Central Luzon, particularly in the province of Nueva Ecija, finding a quality and affordable review center for the university exams is sometimes stressful. No need to travel far and worry about expenses because UP ONE (University of the Philippines Organization of Novo Ecijanos) got your back.

UP ONE lives up to its vision of service, preparing events for its fellow Novo Ecijano youths as its annual college entrance exam review CATERS is back to help you freshen up and prepare for your most important exam yet, covering from English, Science, and Mathematics to Abstract Reasoning. This event comes with a plus, as it also covers a career talk to help you with your future career course choices.

With only Php 100 registration fee, you get to bring home review materials you can use to prepare for the exams as the date comes close!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now at and have the best CATERS experience set for you.

For more details, check our/UP ONE social media accounts.

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