Coco Ichibanya Curry House: A New Word for Home

As far as the adage of Benjamin Franklin goes: a house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as for the body. Coco Ichibanya, proves just that.

Coco Ichibanya One Rockwell00014What you see is what you get. Coco Ichibanya from the outside.

Born Indian, the nomadic dishes of Coco Ichibanya traveled from Great Britain to Japan. This curry chain continues to conquer the world with its growing 1,404 branches as of August this yearone of which lies at One Rockwell.

Coco Ichibanya One Rockwell00015Curry all over the world. Curry Invasion of Coco Ichibanya

Not only does this shelter serve authentic cumin turmeric roux, but houses scrumptious visuals too. Sunny lights, earthy tones, spice jars, comfy chairs plus a fresh alfresco dining spot partakes a home away from the home scenery. Plus, firing the mind, studies show that curryCoco Ichibanya’s specialtypromotes blood circulation stimulating brainstorms up in your head.

Coco Ichibanya One Rockwell00013Authenticity is the best policy. All their secret spices come from Japan.

Coco Ichibanya gives you the liberty to choose what’s hot, or what’s not to your taste buds. Waste grains no more! Choose how many grams you can eat or how much your plate can hold.

Coco Ichibanya One Rockwell00012

Can’t decide? Their very efficient staff may provide choices for your burning questions. They are even trained in Hong Kong in all aspects of food productionfrom taking orders, cooking curry, and a whole lot more. Monitored by their Japanese heads regularly, expect consistency at Coco Ichibanya.

Coco Ichibanya One Rockwell00003“I may be ‘corny’ but you’ll definitely like me.” Salad at Coco Ichibanya

A mixed salad is a great way to warm up. Hear light crackling haikus as you poke through garden-fresh greens drizzled with sesame dressing, or goma dressing. The former is tangy light while the latter has the right amount of zest.

Coco Ichibanya One Rockwell00004A burger? Yes. That, too, can be curried

From the veggie bush, meet the meat now. Notice this heavenly-bodied sauce? That’s lovable, rich curry sauce for you.

Coco Ichibanya One Rockwell00001Customize your curry. Here’s a mushroom omelet curry

Japanese Curry is paired with daikon, a Japanese version of achara. It’s pickled radish that takes the spice a notch with its mildly sweet and crunchy texture play.

Coco Ichibanya One Rockwell00006Curry-worthy toppings: Japanese sausages, eggplants, cheese

Since the Japanese used curry to bulk up their navy in the old times, Coco Ichibanya brought that throwback kitchen memoir. You can have as much as 10 toppings for your curry – Japanese sausages, eggs, eggplant, clams, pari-pari chicken, and many more.

Coco Ichibanya One Rockwell00005 Coco Ichibanya Shrimp Cutlet and Clam Curry

Imagine currying anything and everything in the gastronomic universe. This is a house special: Shrimp Cutlet and Clam Curry. Crispy yet soft shrimp, plus clams? Wow.

Coco Ichibanya One Rockwell00008Hot Lemon Tea. This drinkbe it hot or coldpromotes good digestion.

Coco Ichibanya One Rockwell00010When life gives you lemons, lemonade ’em.

Coco Ichibanya One Rockwell00011The Coco Ichibanya Coffee Jelly

Coco Ichibanya One Rockwell00009From the creators of UCC, a caffeine taho-textured fix is drowned in a pond of soothingly full cream milk

Authentic curry and good dining ambiance. Find those at Coco Ichibanya—your new word for home.


Coco Ichibanya at One Rockwell

G/F One Rockwell, West Tower, Rockwell Drive, Makati
Store Hours: Mon – Sun from 11am to 11pm
Landline: +63 2 696 1649