Anxious About the New Year? This Coachpreneur’s Coaching Program Will Help Inspire Courage and Clarity

2020 had been a really rough year for most of us. We witnessed so many of our dreams and plans fall short or come to an abrupt end. Because of it, it’s difficult to look forward to the new year—afraid of the uncertainty that awaits us.

But coachpreneur Joyce Talag is on a mission to get us back on track with renewed confidence and courage.

As both a coach and entrepreneur, Joyce is all about seeing the success of fellow entrepreneurs and mid-career professionals who are aspiring to take their businesses and careers to the next level. She calls her professional life coaching her “career 3.5” after deciding to venture into a totally different direction following her 12-year stint leading successful award-winning initiatives in some of the most reputable organizations. Prior to that, she was a corporate trainer for a global bank.

Joyce Talag Talk at the Mompreneurs Summit

Joyce Talag giving a talk on mental wellness at the Mompreneurs Club Philippines Summit (Photo by Cher Cruz Photography)

“The so-called pivot to my third career is a journey that didn’t take place on a straight path with a clear and certain destination. It was full of plot twists, wrong turns, distractions, and detours,” she shared with When In Manila. “Working with my own coaches and mentors helped me discover and create what’s next for me, which is to become a coach-entrepreneur (coachpreneur) helping aspiring and existing entrepreneurs thrive in the different aspects of their lives and careers/businesses so they can create a positive impact on their families and local communities, which is essential to our post-pandemic economic recovery.”

The pandemic definitely affected her plans personally and professionally, but she was determined to take ownership of her situation to grow, learn, and upskill as a coachpreneur. As a result, she created a 12-month coaching program “Journey to Thrive” through her social enterprise L.E.A.D. to Thrive Leadership and Management Consultancy.

“Much of how the world will look like in 2021 remains uncertain so many people are afraid to think ahead and take the next step for their careers, businesses, or life in general. We talk about ‘pivots’ and ‘new normals,’ which involve a lot of consideration and preparation, as well as courage and confidence-building, especially in a time of great complexity and uncertainty,” she said.

“I decided to start this 12-month program in order to help aspiring and existing entrepreneurs undergo their process of finding what they want and how to act on their ideas while managing all the many aspects of their lives on a deeply personal level. I would like to be their partner in navigating through our present situation.”

Joyce Talag Power Talk at the Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Forum

Giving a power talk on “How to be Happier” at the Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Forum

Journey to Thrive is, as Joyce describes, an entirely bespoke and co-creative process.

“To explain the principle behind this, I say that in a coaching relationship, there are always two experts. First expert is the client who is the expert of their own life. My role as a coach is to help them realize this by asking the right questions following a structured thought process in order to unleash what is hidden from their conscious minds and thus begin the process of transformation,” she added.

Clients will get the following: a one-on-one workshop series for the first six weeks where she will work with you on designing your personal coaching journey and creating awareness on the strengths, skills, and resources you can tap during the process; monthly coaching conversations; and optional client-initiated check-ins via email.

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Joyce’s Journey to Thrive will certainly help all those who are confused about which direction to take in their lives, anxious and overwhelmed about bringing their ideas to life, suffering from impostor syndrome, or constantly procrastinating on their goals. After all, there’s no better opportunity than now to become the best person you’re meant to be.

Learn more about it on her official website www.leadtothrive.org/coaching or email hello@leadtothrive.org.

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