CN Blue Live in Manila 2014: Can’t Stop Tour Press Conference


From left to right: Jungshin Lee (bass), Jonghyun Lee (lead guitar/vocal), Yonghwa Jung (guitar/vocal) and Minhyuk Kang (drums)

The excitement in the audience was palpable the moment the boys walked in. With bashful smiles and awkward waves, the four members of CN Blue had marked their arrival in Manila. With cameras flashing and fan girls holding back their squeals of delight, the boys bowed and picked up their microphones. Without hesitation, leader Jung Yonghwa happily declared, “Magandang hapon, kami ang CN Blue! Hello po! Salamat, salamat!”

Obviously no stranger to Tagalog, this is CN Blue’s second trip to Manila. The band, famous for hit songs like “I’m a Loner,” “Hey You,” and “Can’t Stop” are in Manila for another leg of their Can’t Stop Tour, to promote their second album of the same name. This press conference preludes their big concert tomorrow night on September 19, 2014 at the Araneta Coliseum, and the boys of CN Blue were more than happy to share some of their thoughts on their second concert in theCNBluePCon5 Philippines, their new album and their music inspirations. 


The boys sharing a laugh over Jollibee.

Out of all the singles you’ve released, what would be your favorite?
Jungshin: I love all the songs that I’ve been singing, but I like “Can’t Stop.” 
Jonghyun: For me, I really like “I’m A Loner,” our first single. 
Yonghwa: I think “I’m Sorry” from our previous album is good. It’s more lively when we preform it live. 
Minhyuk: Though I’ve been listening to “Can’t Stop” a lot these days, I think “Lady” is very interesting because wether I’m singing it or playing it, there’s always something new. 

If you could perform onstage with any musician, who would it be? 
Minhyuk:  I enjoy performing with other people, but I would really like to perform with (another Korean band) Nell. Their drummer and I have talked often about performing together. 
Jungshin: I really want to perform with Jon Bon Jovi.
Yonghwa: I’ve become interested in Hip Hop lately, and we have performed with Doki and Double K. It would be an honuor to perform with them again. I also want to perform with Yang Dong Geun. 

Have you’ve always dreamed of being rockstars? 
Yonghwa: I think we’re still dreaming of being rockstars. 
Jonghyun: Yes, still dreaming.