#CloseTheLoop2019: Jumpstart your zero-waste lifestyle in Manila

After the excitement of New Year’s Eve settles, you’re left to think about what the upcoming year brings, or at least what you hope it will. Enter the New Year’s resolution – if zero-waste and sustainability are on your list, you’d be delighted to hear that The Good Trade has lined up something of an ode to mother nature.

Introducing #CloseTheLoop2019, a series through all 4 weekends of January for new ideas and platforms that will help you achieve (and keep up!) with those zero waste resolutions.

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The Good Trade’s zero waste + sustainable fair will be on January 26-27,2018 at Central Square, BGC. There will be 2 floors worth of purpose-driven brands, FREE talks and workshops as well as alteration and donation stations, recyclables and ecobricks drop off.

Just like you, we always try to improve and take our zero-waste game a step further. A Pay-what-you-want Water Refill Station will be available the entire weekend!

Some of our favorite merchants:

• Being Eco Ph
• Karabella Dairy
• Karisma ni Maria
• Mayumi Organics
• Negritas Swimwear
• PHILERGY German Solar
• Kawayan Mnl & Squeaky Clean Kids
• Qubo PH & Tropik Beatnik

Find the full low down on their website www.thegoodtrade.ph

The Good Trade
A zero-waste and sustainable fair
January 26 (Sat) to 27 (Sun), 2019
Central Square, BGC

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