Close Up Pyropalooza Fireworks Show kicks off PyroMusical to Celebrate the Love Month

WhenInManila and interested to have some romantic time with your special someone, try the Close-Up Pyropalooza Fireworks Display Competition. Close-Up’s Pyropalooza is an annual competition showcasing international expertise and creativity fireworks display. I’ve been hearing raves about this event for the past few years now and luckily, we, at WhenInManila was given the opportunity to be awed by amazing fireworks display.


Last February 11, Close-Up Pyropalooza kicked off with performances from YouTube sensation JaMich, Indios, Never the Strangers, and the newest songstress Zia Quizon. As if it could not get any better, American Idol runner up and TV5’s newest talent David Archuleta serenaded his fans with his rendition of the OPM classic “Nandito Ako”. I wasn’t able to take photos of the music showcase as I was busy setting up my camera to take memorable photos of the fireworks display.


South Korea’s fireworks display had interesting details to it, from flowers to hearts, to cute butterflies. It’s as if I’m looking at a garden of light by night.



On another note, Malta’s had this extravagant feel to it. It was as if I was watching New Year fireworks display from New York or Sydney. I was constantly uttering “Whoa!”, the whole time. 





The Close Up Pyropalooza Fireworks Competition can be experienced every Saturday from February 11 to March 17. For each Saturday, two countries will showcase their fireworks display prowess to battle for the top honors. On February 18, United Kingdom and Spain will showcase theirs, followed by Finland and Portugal (February 25), China and The Netherlands (March 3), Austria and Canada (March 10), and Italy and Philippines on March 17.


Every week, Close-Up Pyropalooza  has  exciting and romantic activities  for lovers, friends, and families to enjoy. From games, to fun and photo booths, this love month will truly be worth remembering. Not only that, you should not worry much on your budget since tickets for the Pyropalooza can be as low as 300 to 500 pesos. You can even get a discount of around 50% if you purchase Close-Up products at the activity area. So what are you waiting for? WhenInManila and thinking of activities to do to celebrate the love month, try and check out the Close-Up Pyropalooza.


PyroMusical Schedule 2012

2012 Schedule:

Pyro Olympics starts at 7pm

Feb 11     – South Korea and Malta
Feb 18     – United Kingdom and Spain
Feb 25     – Finland and Portugal
Mar 3       – China and The Netherlands
Mar 10     – Australia and Canada
Mar 17     – Italy and Philippines


Close Up Pyropalooza Fireworks Show kicks off PyroMusical to Celebrate the Love Month 



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