Climate Change IS Real: 5 Organizations that Revitalize the Environment

Words by Zoie Sy

Climate change is an issue that has been evident in the world for as long as we have lived. However, it has slowly become a more serious problem that has had intense effects on different parts of the globe–like the Amazon forest fires or the melting of the polar ice caps and glaciers in the Antarctic. If you feel the need to take action, here are 5 organizations that may act as your stepping stones to build a brighter future for our planet!

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5. For The Forest

Website: // Instagram:

‘For The Forest’ aims to take a stand against climate crisis. On their Instagram page, the art made by one of their founders captivates its viewers and allows them to know more about the communities and causes they support in a visual manner. They currently have a goal of raising 1 million pesos to fund reforestations in Yangil, Zambales.

4. The Plastic Wave Project

Website: // Facebook & Instagram: @plasticwaveproject

This organization helps promote sustainable living in order to save our oceans. They host events such as reach-outs, beach cleanups, exhibitions, and many more that you can volunteer for.

’The Plastic Wave’ aims to educate people about the importance of conserving our seas because they believe that if there are no seas, there is no life.

3. Forest Foundation PH

Website: // Facebook & Instagram: @forestfoundationph

‘Forest Foundation PH’ has the ultimate goal of encouraging people to care for our forests. Since the Philippines is prone to many disasters and calamities, it has become more of an effort for us to preserve and protect our forests from being fully destroyed. Through the different activities held by the organization, they have been able to make a difference in the rehabilitation of our environment.

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2. World Wide Fund

Website: // Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter: @wwf

This organization aims to provide a better future for the Earth. The growth of our economies brings several threats to our environment and the resource allocation in the world, so WWF wants to bring safe and accessible food and water to all citizens while making use of renewable sources to achieve this. The World Wide Fund for Nature doesn’t only support activities aiding our climate, but they also help with problems regarding food, water, and wildlife.

1. Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Website: //  Facebook & Instagram: @byebyeplasticbags

The problem involving plastic is something that has a big impact on the worsening of climate change. ‘Bye Bye Plastic Bags’ is a non-profit organization run by the youth.

They want to be able to inspire others to say ‘no’ to the use of plastic bags to lessen the waste we produce.

The organization raises awareness through campaigns and the use of education in different communities.

Some people think that climate change isn’t real, but the things that are happening to the world say otherwise. We must take this issue seriously and help the Earth become a better place for all of us, and for the generations to come. Stand up, make a change, and help revitalize our home.

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