Click Camp : Basic Photography for Your Point & Shoot Camera



When In Manila, you can learn to shoot like a pro by maximizing the functions of your point & shoot camera.  Before photography even became my career I started with a point & shoot, mastered it until I upgraded to my first DSLR.  Don’t think just because you don’t have a DSLR you can’t take great photos and even if you do have one, and its always in auto-mode, then this workshop is for you.



The workshop will cover the following in 4 workshop days :

Feb 22 : Getting to Know The Basic Parts

Feb 23 : Undrstanding the Light

Mar 7 : Composing & Framing Moments

Mar 8 : Weaving a Story Through Your Photos

Whether you like food, traveling or have a growing child or just enjoy capturing moments, this workshop will teach you how to make the most of every click.  You don’t need a DSLR  camera to make a moment work, you just need to understand what your camera is capable of and this is how this fun workshop is crafted for you!

Time : 6 – 8 pm at the Forum, Fullt Booked, Fort

Investment : Php 4, 500 (inclusive of hand-outs & first folio book)

Contact Person : Hyds Valencia

Mobile : 0920-9234800 / 0917-8604937

Email :

Here are some photos that are an effect of mastering a point & shoot.  Not exactly from a point & shoot itself but a down-the-road effect of really getting to know your gear.  Everybody needs to start from somewhere and I definitely think this is worth a shot.











All photos above from Hyds Valencia, an Imagine Nation Photographer and also the teacher for this workshop.  

“Sun-shiney” is a term that can be attributed to this artist and her art. Hyds Valencia is the sun-shiney spirit that weaves thoughtful little details like getting to know the story behind every couple’s smile or family’s laughter, and distinctly staging a concept and set styling for every client. Hers is definitely a service that goes the extra mile and every time,  which, displays the inventiveness and sincerity in her outlook in life. Her outgoing spirit and natural passion for life is reflected in her personal fashion and photography style – chic and vintage. Hyds holds the midas touch that turns moments such as a loving couple’s embrace, a baby’s smile, or a look in one’s eyes, into timeless works of art. It is no surprise that she has developed a wide client base all over the country and has been requested to cover various events in different destinations. Hyds’ secret to success is simple: she has a heart that is intent on serving so that every photograph captures and brings the sun-shiney light and love of God to others.

With her will be master photographer Carlo Cecilio.  You may view Carlo’s works here :

I’m excited whenever I see other people grow in photography and take better pictures.  When in Manila, from zero knowledge to awesomeness, this is one workshop that will jumpstart a lot for you.  Happy shooting!

Click Camp

Contact Person : Hyds Valencia

Mobile : 0920-9234800 / 0917-8604937

Email :


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