Claudia and Julia Barretto Open Up About Rumors, Controversies, and Love

A recent video on Julia Barretto’s YouTube channel has her playing Question and Answer with her sister, Claudia Barretto. The two first talk about how even though they’re quite close, they rarely have the chance to bring up some of the more ~serious~ subjects. Which is why they saw the video as an opportunity to discuss things like relationships, life, and family.

(Gretchen, Claudine, and Marjorie: The Story Behind the Barretto Family Feud)

Julia begins the line of questioning with the topic of anger, to which Claudia responds that one of the things that make her angriest is seeing her loved ones hurt. She emphasizes that anger gets worse when she is unable to do anything about it. In connection, Julia asks her next question, which is: “What do you feel every time I’m caught up in a controversy or you hear rumors about me?”

“It makes me angry like I said. Because I know you, I know your heart and I know your intentions and because people do not understand you the way that I do,” Claudia answers. “Sometimes it surprises me how they can say certain things about you when they don’t really know much because even when you are so publicized because of your work it still does not capture half of who you are.”

“At the end of the day I think the most important thing is that you do your job of being a good sister, a good daughter, a good friend and you’re all of those things so anything else doesn’t really matter.”

Then, Claudia is the one asking Julia: “Do you think you’re living a meaningful life?”

Julia is hesitant at first, saying “I’m afraid to answer that because I know that once people watch this and they watch me answer or listen to me answer this, I know there are a lot of things that can be said about me and contradict whatever I’m going to be saying next.”

“And it’s scary because sometimes, even if you know yourself so much — and I always say that it’s so important to know yourself because no matter how much people say about you, or whatever they make about you, you’re never going to believe it because you know yourself — but sometimes when you hear something about yourself from other people so much, so consistently, so frequently, you start to believe it.”

“You should answer that the way you believe,” Claudia interjects, encouraging Julia to say what she wants since destructive criticism should never change you.

Emboldened by that, Julia then takes the time to answer: “I think I live a meaningful life because my family, that’s my core and that’s my number one. And I think, in every way I can, I get to serve my siblings and I get to serve my mother, and I get to help my family. In exchange for nothing. So I think I live a meaningful life.”

“So whatever I could give, whatever I could share, whatever good thing I could put out there, I do. That’s the challenge, I think, for the rest of my life. Because I wanna grow old, and then look back and know that I really did live a meaningful like. Like, I was able to do something good,” she shares.

Claudia then continues the line of thought, saying “I think you already are. You don’t even have to wait until you’re older. You know, you’re not living life aimlessly. Whatever you set your mind to, you go for. And you work really hard and you help mom whenever she needs help with anything. In every sense, you insert yourself where you think you can make someone’s life better. And that’s very meaningful, it really is.”

“And you do that for us siblings too and people don’t know that, but you do that. You’re always there for us and whenever you feel like you can [chokes up] whenever you feel like you can make anyone’s life easier, you do it. And you’re so young! Like most people I know your age, or my age, they don’t go through half the things we go through. Yeah, I think you’re living a meaningful life so far,” Claudia closes the topic.

Another interesting area they touched on was love and relationships. Claudia was quick to say that her sister is very “sacrificial” in love. “You give everything, even when you don’t have to anymore. Or, even when it’s hurting you, for you it’s like you forego whatever implications it has on you. You love very fiercely,” she explains.

Claudia tacks on a bit of a clause at the end. She clarifies that “to me, it’s good as long as you’re giving it to someone deserving.”

In relation to that, Julia then asks: “What is your description of a healthy relationship?”

“I always say communication, but everyone can agree to that. Another thing I always say as well is that not everything has to be shared. Because there are some experiences in your relationship that your partner can forgive, but your family cannot. There is a different type of understanding when you’re the one in the relationship,” Claudia alludes.

“Oh okay, so I see where this is going,” Julia adds.

“There is a different level of forgiveness when you are in a relationship. As long as the faults aren’t so severely damaging, there’s no reason for you to overshare,” Claudia continues. “So not just family, I also mean that with friends. Because there’s a level of understanding between partners that other people will never come to understand cause they’re not involved in that relationship. So they don’t know the dynamic of it, you know they have their own idea of what a relationship should be like the same way I have my own idea of what a relationship should be like.”

“And I think that’s why, in my relationship, I feel so confident in it because we’ve always been that way. When we go through arguments or fights we fix it amongst each other, we don’t involve other people by giving them information on it when it’s not needed. As long as I know it’s not damaging me or him,” Claudia concludes.

They end the video with Julia being asked which sibling she is closest to. Of course, she replies that she is close to each one of her siblings in different but equal ways. It leads to them discussing their bond with their family and the love they share with one another.

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