Clash of the Flair Idols 10: “RETROGRADE: A Drink from the Past”


          In celebration of the tenth year of CLASH OF THE FLAIR IDOLS, an annual flair bartending competition headed by the organization of student flair bartenders, the LPU FLAIR BARTAPPERS, in coordination with the COLLEGE OF INTERNATIONAL TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT – STUDENT GOVERNMENT, presents “RETROGRADE: A DRINK FROM THE PAST.”.The theme of the event, “retro” is designed for the members of the organization as well as past participants of the competition to look back and remember how they’ve built the organization, made friends, and their careers through various competitions like this said event.

          The event will be held at 12:00NN – 05:00 PM on March 23, 2017, at LPU-Manila, Quadrangle Stage.

The official Sponsors are MONIN, Distileria Limtuaco and Co., and Remix Mobile Bar with as the official media partner.

About LPU Flair Bartappers

The LPU Flair Bartappers is a student organization which goals are to generate globally competitive bartenders that will give pride and honor to the organization as well as the Lyceum of the Philippines University.

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