Civil Engineering Week 2019

Civil Engineering Society (CES) is an accredited organization in De La Salle University – Manila for Civil Engineering students. Through this organization, we are able to provide students with knowledge and exposure to the field, as well as leadership opportunities to prepare themselves for life outside the University. As such, CES aims to develop outstanding civil engineers that would help in the advancement of the field of civil engineering in the Philippines.

One of the key activities of the organization is the annual CE Week, which will happen this coming March 2019 in De La Salle University – Manila. CE Week is an event that envisions a week filled activity for students to relax, enjoy, meet new people and appreciate their chosen degree. The entire week will be allocated for engineering related activities that would increase the students’ appreciation of their course.

It will foster camaraderie and friendship not only within one batch of civil engineering students but the entire civil engineering department. Tons of opportunities await for this remarkable event!

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