City Of Dreams Manila Presents Four Hands Dinner With Award-Winning Chefs Daniel Negreira And William Mahi

Chef Daniel Negreira, CEO & Founder of DN Group which manages China’s Marina By DN, named the Best Spanish restaurant in China by Spain’s leading news daily El Pais, will be the guest chef at the Tasting Room, City of Dreams Manila for two exclusive nights only on May 20 and 21.

In a creative “Four Hands Dinner” collaboration with the City of Dreams Manila’s two-Michelin starred chef William Mahi, the two will present the flavors of Spanish modern cuisine.

During the two-night gastronomic event, food enthusiasts in Manila will be able to enjoy Negreira’s and Mahi’s creations that reference modern Spanish cuisine, but are elevated into new culinary interpretations with Asian ingredients and techniques.

002.Chef William Mahi

Chef William Mahi

Diners can delight in the essence of Chef Negreira’sand Chef Mahi’s creations with a seven-course dinner, which includeNegreira’s signature dishes such as “Spring Expression”, “Winter has Ended” and “Forest of Spices” and Mahi’s innovative French and Spanish-influenced creations, which together bring the freshest seasonal ingredients. This exclusive dinner with wine pairing is priced at PhP 4,788++ per person.

004.Chef Daniel Negreira

Chef Daniel Negreira

“The gastronomic creations for the four hand dinner reflect a progressive and an alternative culinary style with an emphasis on originality and distinctive sharpness of taste,” Mahi said.

“There are no limits in creating, no limits, for the endless quest for perfection, no limits in our obsession for details, no limits for one´s dreams, because, once you set a limit upon your dreams, you will stop living those dreams, “ Negreira stated on his philosophy in the kitchen.

With Guest Chef Negreira and Chef Mahi, diners can discover the flavors of French and Spanish influences on modern gastronomy from the Basque Country, with a hint of Asian techniques and flavors.

A sample of Chef Daniel Negreira's dish

One of Chef Negreira’s dish

2.A sample of Chef Daniel Negreira's dish

Another one of Chef Negreira’s signature dish

While Chef Mahi grew up in the Basque area of France, Chef Negreira’s culinary roots are on the Spanish side of the Basque Country.Negreira wasborn and raised in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, the north-west part of Iberian Peninsula, Spain. In his teens, he moved to San Sebastián, located on the coast of Basque Country, known as the temple of the Spanish molecular gastronomy. He previously worked with some of the best three-Michelin starred chefs Juan Mari Arzak, Mugaritz and Martin Berasategui.

In 2006 he was recognized as the “Best Young Chef” of the Basque Country and in 2007 he was awarded the silver medal in the prestigious Bocuse D’or competition in Spain.

After his successful stint in Spain, he moved to Taipei and opened El Toro, a small restaurant that became recognized as one of the Top 500 of Asia on the Miele guide 2009.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Negreira took on a bigger a challenge with the creation of DN Innovacion. The fine dining restaurant offered a variety of cooking styles from different regions of Spain, contemporary presentation and use of Asian ingredients.

DN Innovacion earned a loyal following and critical acclaim with the “Best Foreign Restaurant in the Country” by Miele Guide 2013, Top 100 Restaurants of Asia, Award of Excellence in Wine Spectator 2013 and 2014, Best Wine List of China 2014, and 42nd Best Restaurant of Asia by The Daily Meal, among other awards.

Chef William Mahi & Chef Daniel Negreira

Chef Mahi and Chef Negreira

Currently, Negreira, as head of DN Group, is successfully managing Marina By DN. He recently opened Alma By DN in Shanghai along with Level 41 in Saint Petersburg and other consultancy projects on Asia.

He also published several cooking books such as “A Walk Through Spain” in 2009 and “Discovering The Modern Chef” in 2012. Aside from these two books, he co-authored “The Sweet Art of Plating” in 2016,”The Art of Plating” in 2014,”101 Best Chefs in Taiwan” in 2013,”4×4″ in 2007, “and “Fifty Kinds of Taste” in 2008.

On the other hand, with two decades of culinary experience under his belt, at 33 years old, Chef Mahi joined The Tasting Room as Chef de Cuisine in 2014 and with his culinary direction; The Tasting Room was recognized as one of the top 20 Best Restaurants in 2015 by luxury lifestyle magazine Philippine Tatler.

Daniel Negreira 1

Chef Negreira in action

Prior to his posting in Manila, Chef Mahi was the Consultant and Chef de Cuisine at Spondi Restaurant, Athens from 2013 to 2014. Spondiearned 2 Michelin Stars and ranked 97th in San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2013 while Mahi was Chef de Cuisine.

Mahi also worked as Chef de Cuisine in other parts of the globe, such as Beirut, Shanghai, Istanbul, and Athens.

At the tender age of 14, he began working in a five-star restaurant in Bayonne and, with a desire to become a chef’s apprentice, studied for a one year diploma in Centre de Formation d’Apprentis (CFA). After completing his course, he worked as an apprentice at a one Michelin star restaurant called Table des FréresIbarboure, and just two years later, was named the Best Apprentice in France.

Seating is limited for the four hands dinner. For inquiries and reservations, guests can call 800-8080 or e-mail or visit