When in Manila, City Delivery Delivers Greek Food and More Within Metro Manila

When in Manila, food delivery doesn’t just mean burger, french fries, pizza and fried chicken. Food Delivery can now equate to pungent Indian appetizer,  crisp French salad, ambrosial Italian main dish, or dulcent dessert, and even cold coffee. Thank you to City Delivery.

City Delivery is a multi-service restaurant delivery service that delivers food from hundreds of partner restaurants, to household and offices in Metro Manila. One can enjoy an Italian meal even in pajamas, or experience an 8-course dinner at the comforts of their home.

One weekend, I thought of giving my mom a day-off as a cook (she prepares food from breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole family, everyday), so I quickly checked the City Delivery website for something unique to order. From over a hundred partner restaurants grouped per location, I chose to order from Cyma as Greek cuisine is something that is not usually cooked at Filipino kitchen.

I carefully chose the food to order and dialed the number. I love that there was no need for me to listen to the music on hold. Someone picked up the line and took my order. It was smooth and pleasant.

The City Delivery site told me that there is an on-going half price promo for deliveries between 2:00 to 5:00 PM for the month of November. I, however, took the advance delivery order (with same delivery charge) and scheduled the delivery at 4:00 PM on Wednesday.

After I hang up the phone that Sunday morning, my next encounter with City Delivery was Wednesday afternoon. I woke up (I work Eastern Standard Time) and found the City Delivery goods at the dining area. City Delivery does deliver!





Each dish was delicately packed in microwable tubs – warm, is how I would describe each tub when I took them out of the package. As if I were opening each tub like a gift, an invisible steam somewhat escape from the container, filling my lungs and the dining room with a distinct aroma.


To make dinner more exciting, I transferred each food to dining plates. My plating skills was tested.

So what did I order?

Short Ribs Stifado (PhP578.00). I cannot count the number of good reviews about this dish, and I am joining the ravers. The description says, Greek Beef Stew Slow Braised Beef Short ribs, with sweet whole shallots – and I say the beef is flavorful and different from the Mechado and Estafado that we knew. The beef’s texture is flaky-melty which makes the flavor tickles my palette with every careful swallow.


One of the favorite dishes that I always request from my mom is the Roasted Eggplant Stuffed with Beef. Moussaka (PhP305.00) was the answer to that craving. It is like an eggplant lasagna made with Japanese eggplant. I am happy that Cyma gives a generous serving!


Cyma Favorite! shouts the phrase next to Bifteka 410.00 in the menu, but it was the text “feta cheese” which got me to add this to my order. I was uncertain if I should categorize it – as a sandwich or burger? The patty is made of ground wagyu Brahman beef, which is  perfectly done and moist.




The Tzatziki dressing is tangy, but never empowering – it compliments the flavorful beef, and bitter-sweet taste of roasted tomatoes. Ah, and don’t forget the Feta Cheese! It is one big slice of Feta cheese that you might mistaken it as chunk of tofu. Take a big bite, and savor the flavor. I think I licked off the feta cheese crumbs from my plate too!



While I thought of Greece, and the gods and goddesses of Greek Mythology, I enjoyed the Milopita (Php 194.00) with its crunchy flakes and nuts, and succulent caramelized apples. It was nice to eat something different from dessert – something not like chocolate cake and flavored ice cream.




It seems like City Delivery did not just do food delivery, but also brought me to a good trip through Cyma‘s good food. In my pajamas.

Visit https://www.citydelivery.ph or call 87878 for more info.  Like City Delivery on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to get updated with promos.

 When in Manila, City Delivery Delivers Greek Food and More Within Metro Manila


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