Circus uses hologram animals for cruelty-free performance

Check out this magical experience as this circus will forever change the way we look at all circuses everywhere.

In the longest time, people have gone to circuses expecting entertainment from animals such as seals, horses, elephants, monkeys, and lions. Although most people were unaware and did not seem to mind how the animals were treated behind the scenes, news on animal mistreatment have surfaced all over social media and the people are unhappy with this cruel mistreatment.

Circus Roncalli is located in Germany where it is the first in the world which has replaced real, live animals onstage with realistic holograms. These wonderful animations are made by computer projections that are animated into real size.


So, instead of worrying about how animals could possibly be suffering and have several wounds from performing for an audience, Circus Roncalli has changed the tradition of watching real animals as he swaps flesh and blood for modern-day holograms.


Apparently, the circus has already existed for several decades. Only recently they decided to replace the animals with the 11 projectors, lasers, and lenses strategically placed in order to offer the audience a show without even a single animal being involved and giving them an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives.

This bold but inspirational course of action originates from public concerns around the world about displaying animals living a majority of their life in confinement under terrible circumstances.

Many activists have accused the circuses of beating, starving and keeping their animals in unsafe conditions while performing under very tight schedules for big crowds.


Zoos around the world seem to be listening to the concerns of the people as it seems this circus has revolutionized the way people will experience the circus. The world has also seen zoos take wild animals into captivity for the sole reason of human entertainment and they are horrifyingly caged and abused daily. It is pleasant to see zoos and circuses have been adapting and learning from the actions that were ignorantly followed for several years in many regions of the world.

WATCH: Here is a live preview of the animal holograms in action and here are some of the audience’s thoughts of their experience:

Thankfully, this technology will help many animals get rid of being locked up living in captivity only to entertain, while people can now enjoy their virtual presence in this magical way.

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