Cinema One Originals Festival 2013

Cinema 1 OriginalsCinema One Originals Festival 2013


The Cinema One Originals Festival, now on a bigger and better 9 th year of putting the spotlight on the best of independent filmmakers and their wide array of creations, surges another burst of energy into the Filipino movie industry with a total of fifteen full length feature films, with five of which comprising Cinema One Plus, the first of two in the festival’s main categories.

Among the directors that are part of this year’s Cinema One Plus, the festival’s P2M budget category, are Borgy Torre for “Kabisera”, Mes de Guzman for “Sitio”, Miko Livelo for “Blue Bustamante”, Adolfo Alix, Jr. for “Alamat ni China Doll”, and Keith Sicat for “Woman of the Ruins”.

“Kabisera” by Director Borgy Torre is an action film that details one man’s transformation from a naive, innocent character into a ruthless father and friend upon finding a huge amount of illegal substances that he can easily make money out of. Starring  Joel Torre, Art Acuña, Bing Pimentel, Bernard Palanca, Ketchup Eusebio, and Meryll Soriano, “Kabisera” ultimately leads to the question: If given the chance to make big bucks out of something as dangerous as dealing drugs, what would you do?

On the other hand, Director Mes de Guzman’s entry into the Cinema One Originals Festival this year is a psychological thriller. Entitled “Sitio”, it tells the tale of upper middle class siblings who try to find the meaning of a simpler life by moving from the city to the province.

However, unknown to them are the terrors and threats that really lie in the rural landscape. “Sitio” stars  John Prats, Ria Garcia, Anja Aguilar, Arnold Reyes, Biboy Ramirez, RK Bagatsing, and Jess Mendoza.

Director Miko Livelo brings to the table a family drama comedy this year entitled “Blue Bustamante”. His entertaining submission to the festival is about an OFW who suddenly finds himself jobless in Japan. Looking for anything to do, he meets a Sentai director who convinces him to be a double for Blue Force, a superhero character in an upcoming Japanese superhero show. “Blue Bustamante” stars  Joem Bascon, Jun Sabayton, Dimples Romana, and Jhiz Deocareza.

In Adolfo Alix, Jr.’s “Alamat ni China Doll”, a 27-year old named Helen is keen on graduating from high school and starting a new life—but once she gets her hands on a recently published article on the truth about “China Doll”, she realizes details that shed light on her haunting past. With its screenplay written by Lav Diaz, “Alamat ni China Doll” stars Angelica Panganiban, Cherry Pie Picache, Cesar Montano, Phillip Salvador, Anita Linda, Allan Paule, and Evelyn Vargas.

“Woman of the Ruins” by Director Keith Sicat is a work of science fiction that brings its viewers to a storm-ravaged island that has seen its share of tragedy. There, a person who has been assumed dead mysteriously reappears and ignites a frenzy of reactions, ranging from ecstatic religious fervor to cold, chilling fear. Sicat’s film this year stars  Allesandra de Rossi, Art Acuna, Chanel Latorre, Elizabeth Oropesa, Peque Gallaga, Moises Magisa, Joe Gruta, and Rolando Inoencio.

Don’t miss out on the 9th Cinema One Originals Festival, running from November 11 to 19 at Glorietta, Trinoma, and Robinson’s Galleria. Also watch out for Cinema One Originals Currents, the festival’s P1M category which features ten films this year. The Cinema One Originals Festival is brought to you by the country’s number one cable channel, Cinema One. In a Cinema One film, absolutely anything is possible.

Cinema One Originals Festival 2013