Cinema One Originals: Anything Can Happen

When in Manila, you should have watched at least one Cinema One Original. In a Cinema One Original, indeed anything can happen.

In its ninth year, the Cinema One Originals Film Festival – known for its tradition of artistic risk taking and experimentation – expanded to release fifteen new films.

Cinema One Originals

Similar to last year, the films were split into two categories based on their marketability.

Five films – namely “Alamat ni China Doll” by Adolfo Alix Jr., “Blue Bustamante” by Miko Livelo, “Kabisera” by Borgy Torre, “Sitio” by Mes de Guzman, and “Woman of the Ruins” Keith Sicat – competed under the Plus Category.

These films, which were deemed by Cinema One as “more commercial,” were granted P2 million each.

The other 10 competed in the Currents Category and were given P1 million grants each. These films are: “Angustia” by Kristian Cordero, “Ang Pagbabalat ng Ahas” by Timmy Harn, “Islands” by Whammy Alcazaren, “Bukas Na Lang Sapagkat Gabi Na” by Jet Leyco, “Iskalawags” by Keith Deligero, “Saturday Night Chills” by Ian Lorenos, “A Philippino Story” by Benjamin Garcia, “Shift” by Seige Ledesma, “Bendor” by Ralston Jover, and “Riddles of my Homecoming” by Arnel Mardoquio.

In the Plus Category, the Adolf Alix-directed Ang Alamat ni China Doll emerged as the big winner, winning Best Picture and bagging five other awards, including Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Music, Best Sound and Best Actress for its star Angelica Panganiban.

Borgy Torre’s Kabisera also won big, bagging the awards for Best Director, Best Actor (Joel Torre) and Best Supporting Actress (Bing Pimentel).

In the Currents Category, Jet Leyco’s previously X-rated “Bukas Na Lang Sapagka’t Gabi Na” emerged as the Best Picture. The film also won Best Screenplay.

Silent film “Riddles of My Homecoming” by Arnel Mardoquio, meanwhile, bagged the most awards, winning Best Director, Best Music, Best Production Design, Best Cinematography and the Jury Award.

Check out the complete list of winners below.

Cinema One Originals: Plus Category
– Best Picture “Alamat ni China Doll” – Adolf Alix, Jr.
– Best Director Borgy Torre, “Kabisera”
– Best Actor Joel Torre, “Kabisera”
– Best Actress Angelica Panganiban, “Alamat ni China Doll”
– Best Supporting Actress Bing Pimentel, “Kabisera”
– Best Supporting Actor Peque Gallaga, “Woman of the Ruins”
– Best Sound “Alamat ni China Doll”
– Best Music “Alamat ni China Doll”
– Best Editing “Alamat ni China Doll”
– Best Production Design “Blue Bustamante”
– Best Cinematography “Alamat ni China Doll”
– Best Screenplay “Sitio” – Mes De Guzman
– Jury Award “Sitio”
– Audience Choice “Woman of the Ruins” by Keith Sicat

Cinema One Originals: Currents Category
– Best Picture “Bukas na lang Sapagka’t Gabi Na” by Jet Leyco
– Best Director Arnel Mardoquio, “Riddles of My Homecoming”
– Best Actor Rayver Cruz, Matteo Gudicelli, Joseph Marco, “Saturday Night Chills”
– Best Actress Vivian Velez, “Bendor”
– Best Supporting Actor David Chua, “Saturday Night Chills”
– Best Supporting Actress Anna Luna, “Bendor”
– Best Sound “Islands”
– Best Music “Riddles of My Homecoming”
– Best Editing “Saturday Night Chills”
– Best Production Design “Riddles of My Homecoming”
– Best Cinematography “Riddles of My Homecoming”
– Best Screenplay “Bukas na lang Sapagka’t Gabi Na” by Jet Leyco
– Jury Award “Riddles of my Homecoming”

This year, Cinema One also gave director Elwood Perez and Producer Lily Monteverde the Philippine Cinema One Originals Award for their contribution to Philippine cinema. But you don’t really need to be a film producer or director to contribute to our country’s cinema. Supporting local films is a good step. So, instead of watching another Hollywood movie, why don’t you give local films a try When in Manila?

Cinema One Originals: Anything Can Happen

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