Chuck’s Deli: Can You EAT this Burger in 2 mins and 30 seconds? It’s the Motherchucker Challenge!

Chuck’s Deli: Can You EAT this Burger in 2 mins and 30 seconds? It’s the Motherchucker Challenge!

I’m a huge burger and sandwich person, and I probably eat it more often than I do rice. I first heard about Chuck’s Deli from a good friend who raves about it a lot (and loves food just as much as I do), so when he mentioned how delicious Chuck’s Deli’s menu was (even using inappropriate words to get his point across), I was sold.

Chuck’s Deli was established by Chef Katrina Kuhn-Alcantara and husband, Marco Alcantara, whose mission was to create sandwiches that rose above the sandwiches we’re used to (tiny, merienda-like). With this inspiration, they came up with the idea of “slabwiches,” Chuck’s signature sandwiches that are served in ten-inch long Ciabatta bread (which they also bake). 

Incidentally, Chuck’s Deli started what could only be the most interesting burger challenge of all: The Motherchucker Challenge, a double decker sandwich to be finished under two minutes and thirty seconds, to celebrate their second anniversary.


IMG_0864The Motherchucker


The challenge seemed pretty intense, and so I had to screen through my friends until I found someone I thought would be beast enough to conquer it. And so last Friday, May 10, at Chuck’s Deli Serendra I brought in resident baseball player and one-kilo burrito finisher, Zo Ubungen.


IMG_0866Zo Ubungen and the Motherchucker



I was very nervous for him. I just didn’t want to show it. The Motherchucker lived up to its epic name, standing at roughly six inches with a ten-inch circumference. Zo admitted to being scared as well. But knowing his history with similar challenges, I definitely had faith in him.


IMG_0867Zo analyzing the Motherchucker.



Unfortunately, Zo fell a few seconds short. At 2:25, he was able to stuff the entire burger in his mouth but couldn’t swallow it in time for 2:30.


The challenge is completely possible to conquer however. If you look at the board at Chuck’s Deli Serendra, they already have a list of winners. One Japanese returned four times before he finished the challenge at 2:29. There was also a guy who finished it with an outstanding record of 1:30!

Aside from the Motherchucker, my friends and I were also able to enjoy other specialties by Chuck. One I couldn’t stop munching on was the Faking (pronounced as fay-king and not fa-king) Duck, a peking-style inspired slabwich made with roast pork, lettuce, hoisin sauce, leeks, and crispy noodles. Another specialty is their Meatball Sub, packed with US Angus Beef meatballs, tomato sauce, basil, and cheese.


IMG_0884The Faking Duck


IMG_0888Chuck’s Meatball Sub


IMG_0875Chuck’s Deli: Are You Ready to Take On the Motherchucker?


IMG_0872Chuck’s Deli: Are You Ready to Take On the Motherchucker?


Pair these awesome slabwiches with their extra creamy milkshakes, and you’ve got yourself a food trip unlike any other. As a milkshake fan and used to milkshakes in the States, Zo admits to having a hard time looking for the perfect milkshake here in Manila.

But after trying Chuck’s Vanilla Peanut Butter milkshake, he finally found a place he could go back to again and again and again. I got a taste of their Vanilla milkshake as well—it was so good, I involuntarily tuned everybody out and just kept on sipping.


IMG_0880Vanilla Milkshake


When in Manila, visit the home of the best slabwiches in town. Drop by Chuck’s Deli in either Eastwood or Serendra and see if you’re beast enough to take on the Motherchucker.


Chuck’s Deli

G/F Serendra, Bonifacio Global City

(02) 576-4210

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G/F Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City

(02) 900-0503

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Open Monday to Sunday from 11am to 10pm


Chuck’s Deli: Can You EAT this Burger in 2 mins and 30 seconds? It’s the Motherchucker Challenge!