Chroma Music Festival 2.0: The Grandest Color Music Festival was a Blast

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Music festivals always get me pumped up; there’s just something about the vibe that hypes everyone up. Just like their last event, Chroma Music Festival 2.0 was held at the Globe Circuit Events Ground at Makati last April 8. Chroma Music Festival 2.0 is known to be the biggest and grandest color music festival in the Philippines.

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Not only did the organizers of Chroma make the event fun, unique, and interactive by making it a color fest; its ticket prices are also quite affordable compared to the standard prices of these kinds of events. Whether you saved up your allowance or convinced your parents to buy you tickets, it was definitely worth experiencing being thrown on and throwing that holi colored powder with your friends or family.

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Both local and international artists performed at the event, including Jonas Blue, Head Hunterz, Dyro, Onder Koffer, Tony Romera, Rave Radio, Zoo Theory, Tom Taus, Callum David, The Zombettes, Cathy Frey, Sai Dy, MC Boo, and MC Victor Pring. All of them were amazing on stage and definitely knew how to work up the crowd. 

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What I especially love about music festivals is that they gather people from different ages and places to enjoy the moment, create memories, form new friendships, and appreciate the music. Music festivals give you a free-spirited feeling. You just want to meet new people or step out of your comfort zone when you’re there. Chroma Music Festival 2.0 was surely one way to kickstart your summer in Manila! I can’t help but look forward to the next one!

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