Christmas Wallpapers to Get You in the Christmas Spirit!

Words by Clarissa Li

Graphics by Zoie Sy

The holidays are just around the corner! What better way to kick off the season by not just decorating your homes, but also your lock screens and home screens as well? Here are some wallpapers that will hopefully brighten up your days this festive season.

5. Christmas Mimiyuuuh

Don’t you just falalalala-ve the holiday season? Make your Christmas more festive with Mimiyuhh! *And don’t worry, because ‘All I want for Christmas is youUu ohH yeAah!’*

4. Bigyan mo na siya ng bibingka.

‘Tis the season to show your loved ones all the love they deserve! But what if you don’t have anyone to love? Don’t you fret! This wallpaper will bring up your lonely spirits for sure!

3. Your own winter wonderland: a gingerbread house

Ever dreamt of making and trying your own gingerbread house? Have your own personal baby gingerbread house in the palm of your hands!

2. Christmas In Our Hearts

Jose Mari Chan is here to keep you jolly this season! Who would’ve thought you’d have a chance to have your very own Mari Chan as a wallpaper? That’s right! Keep the Christmas vibes all year round, you definitely won’t regret it!

1. The Filipino Parol

Shine bright like a parol! Although (baby) it’s cold outside, this will surely make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Here’s to everyone who just wants to love and be loved: this is for you.

Every single wallpaper here is made with utmost love, so if you want to download them feel free to do so! They’ll be sure to brighten up your Christmas. Here’s to more years of memories and plot twists, from WIM to you!

Which one do you love? Let us know!


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