Christmas List: Happy Hoodies, Istorya Creations, The Lunch Break Project & Paper Chic Studio

Christmas List: Happy Hoodies, Istorya Creations, The Lunch Break Project & Paper Chic Studio


Christmas List: Happy Hoodies, Istorya Creations, The Lunch Break Project & Paper Chic Studio

When In Manila and Christmas is just around the bend, do you already feel the Christmas shopping rush? Traffic everywhere! Malls are crowded and everyone is rushing to get their gifts. How about you? If you’re like me who still haven’t started on Christmas shopping yet, you and I both must be feeling the pressure of what gifts to give and when/how to buy them. So here are some cool and awesome gift suggestions for you! And they are all online shops! Hurray for convenience!

Happy Hoodies

It started out as a school-related project.

When prompted to create something bazaar-salable as a requirement for their class — the fun and creative concept of Happy Hoodies was born! With a very limited time given and a grueling creation process, the people behind Happy Hoodies have come up with something so cute and trendy!

Happy Hoodies offers fashionable animal-themed hoodies that are practical, trendy and educational. It’s the perfect apparel for kids and young adults during the cold and rainy seasons. They carry various animal designs like the panda, frog, bee and pig to name a few.

christmas list_1

Too cute to contain! Happy Hoodies just released their new dino hoodie in blue green! It is definitely my new favorite hoodie! The Panda hoodie is also adorable with its little Panda ears! 😀


Rica Tai came up with the idea of animal-themed hoodies with ears for the Hope Project. They pitched it as an environmentally-relevant product aiming to promote awareness about the animals that the hoodies represent through fun fact tags included with the hoodie. The fact tags usually contained “Did You Know?” facts about the
animals, ways to protect them from being endangered and misconceptions about them.

Cool, right? Not only these hoodies are fun and too darn adorable but they are educational as well so this is a perfect gift to kids and even adults!

christmas list_11


You can get your own Happy Hoodies at! Or text 0917-8037422 for orders.


Istorya Creations

I came across Istorya Creations when I visited the Escolta Market some weeks ago and I instantly fell in love with their trinkets and jewelery — especially the customized lockets! 

christmas list_9

My own piece from Istorya Creations.

christmas list_7

Istorya Creations create unique, custom made hand stamped jewelries. Joanna, the mind and hands behind Istorya Creations started making hand-stamped jewelry for personal use and decided to start selling her personal creations. Istorya is the first ever store that sells custom-made, hand-stamped jewelries in the Philippines.

christmas list_5

Istorya Creations offers custom jewelry that expresses your personal inspiration is much more meaningful than another piece of fashion jewelry. Each quality piece is uniques and will reflect your story. It is Istorya’s ultimate goal to make quality pieces that will hold deep meaning to its owners. 

christmas list_6


You can get your own Istorya Creations handmade jewelry by visiting facebook page at



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