A List of Christmas Gift and Kris Kringle Ideas for Paskong Pinoy

Christmas is a time for giving, and what could be more fun than giving gifts to the people we love? But sometimes it can be hard to come up with ideas for gifts, especially if you want to give something unique and memorable. With Kris Kringle and exchange gift programs coming up, it’s easy to just buy a generic gift, something everyone has seen before.

But why not make this Christmas special and give something truly creative and one-of-a-kind?

As Pinoys, why not think of gifts that are uniquely Filipino in nature? Think outside the box, come up with Kris Kringle theme ideas, and find items that reflect our culture, heritage, and your personality. From traditional clothing to homeware and snacks, there are plenty of possibilities.

In this article, we will explore some of the best gift items and Kris Kringle ideas for Christmas. We will also discuss why it’s important to put thought into your gifts and offer some tips on how to choose the perfect present for everyone on your list.

10 New “Somethings” For Kris Kringle: Ten Christmas Gift Ideas

When in Manila, Christmas starts early. Christmas spells carols, blinking lights, Santa Claus, and everyone’s favorite – Kris Kringle! The true fun of unwrapping gifts is not from the gifts we get under the Christmas Tree, but from the gifts we receive every week from an unknown person we call “mommy” or “daddy” or our Secret Santa. After a day’s search for the perfect “something green,” or “something soft and cuddly” for our “baby,” we also anticipate what we will receive.

That being said, if you are getting tired of giving and receiving something funny, naughty, long and sexy; and your room is already filled with the same stuff and knick-knacks you receive every year, you can forget about those words and prepare for new challenges this season.

Here are new “somethings” to share with your family, coworkers, and friends:

  1. Something Embarrassing to Carry in Public

Make your “baby” feel like he or she is Harry Potter or Hermione with a broom, or make him feel like a professional plumber with a plunger.

My coworkers received the most creative and embarrassing gifts last week: from a dustpan and broom to plunger and the ever reliable “tabo.” I was hoping someone would give a chamber pot (aka “arinola”)! Now that gives you an idea. Make sure that you don’t require gift wraps for this theme and pray that your “baby” is a certified commuter.


  1. Something Trending in Twitter

News and social media feed us with the latest trends, which is why it would make sense that our friends who are fashionistas and stylistas would love to get something trendy, as the word is usually associated with fashion. So, why not give a twist to the theme and get Christmas gift ideas trending on Twitter?

It’s a great battle for creativity as the theme will require us to give something that is related to controversial topics, politics, and personalities.

  1. Something for Private Use

It could be anything that one uses in private – like a dental floss, razor, or waxing cream. Or it could also be anything that “two” (partners) use in private. There is no restriction as long as the gift is useful and not recycled.

  1. Something Reminiscent of Childhood

We always want to feel young and reminisce about the good old childhood days. You are in luck if you share the same age with your group or team. But for families and coworkers who are in different age brackets, it is the perfect theme to share something about your childhood and bridge the gap of age differences.

I grew up with Shaider and BioMan – and I will exert an effort to find a gift related to these shows to give to my “baby” who grew up playing Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. Now think of your childhood days – the TV shows you watch, candies you eat, and clothes you used to wear – that should give you an idea on what to give and share.

10 New Somethings For Kris Kringle Ten Christmas Gift Ideas 2

  1. Something That You Need to Insert

That beats the “Something Naughty” by 10 points! But seriously, it could be anything that you insert in a gadget (like a memory card), or in a photobook (like postcards). It doesn’t need to be naughty.

  1. Something Hand-Made

It’s time to support the talent of Filipinos and local businesses. You can buy woven bags or knitted cover-ups. You can even be more creative by adding a personal touch to your gift and make your own.

  1. Something That You Received But Haven’t Used

We all received gifts in the previous years that we just haven’t used or simply didn’t like. Let’s apply the saying “one’s trash is another’s treasure.” Make it clear in the guidelines that the gift should be something that we can use.

  1. Something You Can Use After a Year

Gifts don’t have to be something that you can readily use.

Let’s think of it like an inheritance, which you cannot get or use yet, until you are at a certain age. In this case, the gift should be something which can be used after a year. It could be gym membership for someone who plans to start losing weight next year, a kitchen gadget for someone who is graduating from a culinary school next year, or as grand as ticket to DisneyLand (and your baby will have a year to prepare and save for the trip).

These are just suggestions. I know you can come up with something more creative.

10 New Somethings For Kris Kringle Ten Christmas Gift Ideas

  1. Something Imported

We all love to receive something “imported” or from the PX Store when we were younger. It’s the perfect time to relive the excitement with this theme. It could be something that is bought from a trip, or anything that we can buy with prints that say, “Made in China,” “Made in USA,” or “Made in <insert country here>.” Please be clear with the guidelines that it should be something safe and environment friendly.

  1. Something You Don’t Want to Own

For this theme, let’s temporarily forget the Golden Rule. This will be a nice theme to discover each other’s dislikes and personalities. Time to know if you and your “baby” feel the same way about the “thing.”

As for me, I don’t want to own any figures of kissing doves and angels which only collect dust and occupy space. I am sure you can also relate when I add in picture frames and towels.

So, there you have it! 10 items for awesome Kris Kringle theme ideas! Remember that when in Manila, there is always room for creativity. And in case you still need more ideas on what Christmas gifts to buy, here are eight more items that we think your Monito or Monita can surely appreciate. These items can also be the perfect items for Christmas raffle ideas!

8 Cheap But Useful Christmas Party Raffle Prizes in the Philippines

Christmas Season Andy Player 17

Gifts primarily make the Holiday Season known as the “Season of Giving.” Since it is just around the corner, we bet that you are already searching for the best gifts you can give to your loved ones. However, not everyone has deep pockets – but that does not mean you cannot get nice gifts without breaking the bank.

Of course, you want to spend your hard-earned money on gifts that are worth it, that will certainly make your “giftees” happy. While as Christmas raffle items or giveaway ideas, these affordable gifts can still feel like a win for those who get lucky.

We know that it is challenging to find awesome gifts on the budget, but it is not impossible. Here, we list down some amazing gift ideas you can get for PhP 200 or less.

  1. Lottery Tickets

Christmas Season Andy Player 7

There are games where the tickets cost PhP 20 each, like the Grandlotto 6/55 and the Megalotto 6/45. The Grandlotto 6/55 is played thrice weekly every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday while the Megalotto 6/45 is played on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The Grandlotto 6/55 has a Minimum Jackpot Prize of PhP 30 million while the Megalotto 6/45 has a Minimum Jackpot Prize of PhP 9 million.

So, you can get 10 pieces of either games or mix and match them. That would be exactly PhP 200. Who knows, they might just become an instant millionaire on Christmas Day.

  1. Solar Bicycle Taillight

Andy Player rev 2 1

For the one who loves sports, this Solar Bicycle Taillight is a perfect gift. If your giftee is someone who likes to ride their bike in the wee hours of the morning or until late at night, this taillight will let them do so while ensuring that they can be seen by passing cars. This sturdy taillight is easy to mount and easy to spot to guarantee the rider’s safety.

Price starts at PhP 168 and it can be purchased online via Lazada.

  1. Electronic Lighter

Andy Player rev 2 2

Creating a bonfire when exploring the great outdoors can be tough especially with the strong wind blowing around. Therefore, experienced backpackers know that carrying an electronic lighter always comes in handy. If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves to go on trails less traveled, an electronic lighter is something they can find very useful, and you don’t have to spend a fortune for it.

You can find reliable electronic lighters with prices between PhP 100 and PhP 200 at a nearby Handyman or Ace Hardware.

  1. Air Freshener

Christmas Season Andy Player 12

As Christmas Day draws near, we begin to feel the chill of the December breeze. And what’s the best way to complement this but to give the air a fresh scent? For 199.75, you can give a spray can of freshness in the air with this Fresh-O-Matic Air Freshener that you can buy from Ace Hardware.

If your recipient wants to keep their car or home smelling fresh, the Fresh-O-Matic Air Freshener is a spot-on gift.

  1. Coffee Card

Andy Player rev 2 3

If your giftee always starts their day with a cup of joe or they simply love coffee any time of day, you can give them a coffee card this Christmas. Coffee chains in the metro usually offer this and oftentimes they come with perks like a free tall coffee after several orders or a free slice of cake on their birth month.

Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has cards like this.

  1. Earphones

Christmas Season Andy Player 14

Give the gift of music. You can check a nearby CD-R King for this as they offer a wide selection of earphones that won’t go over PhP 200. There are many options to choose from with a wide range of colors and designs that will fit the personality and preference of your receiver.

  1. Statement T-Shirt

Strings Manila Couple Shirts T Shirt Designs

There are good quality statement shirts from Divisoria or from various online stores that you can reach via Facebook or Instagram. In Divisoria, you can find shirts that have a starting price of PhP 100. If you find merchandise worth PhP 100, you can give your recipient two cool shirts.

Shirts, after all, can never really be a terrible Christmas giveaway prize.

  1. Necktie

Andy Player rev 2 4

A gift that will be of great use to your giftee whenever they want to exude their high sense of style is this Aktive Necktie Printed Stripes. Available for only PhP 199 from Lazada, it is an accessory that they can show off to match their formal attire.

So, what do you think? Affordable yet useful Christmas raffle prizes and giveaways, yes? That being said, let’s move on to another important facet for your shopping list – Christmas gift ideas for kids.

10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids!

As a parent, we can understand if you are on the lookout for toys and other items that can help your child develop their interests and skills, so here’s a list to give you an idea of awesome Christmas gifts for kids that are not only fun but also useful for their development.

We also made sure that the items listed in this article are safe for kids to use and are recommended by experts.

Arts & Crafts

If your little one loves drawing and painting, some items that they will surely love are art supplies.

Specially designed to create less mess, these non-toxic crayons, pens, and paint feature an Ultra-Clean washable formula, so they easily wash clean from skin, clothing, and even painted walls.

1 1

There is a wide range of Crayola products so you can pick any that will suit the needs of the kids. For the crayons, there are 16pcs, 24pcs, 64pcs or 16pcs large washable crayons. For paint, there is 6pcs or 10pcs of paint. But if you want an all-in activity set, the color wonder activity set is perfect.

The Color Wonder markers and paints appear only on Color Wonder paper, ensuring that your walls, floor, and furniture stay nice and clean.


Let your little one’s imagination run free with the Frozen-themed art case.

Kids can color, decorate, and embellish Elsa, Anna, and Olaf coloring pages and more Frozen 2 characters! Featuring 5 Super Tips Markers, 6 Pip-Squeaks Skinnies, 10 Short Colored Pencils, 64 Crayons—100 pieces in all! The sturdy Inspiration Art Case keeps supplies organized and easily accessible.

Another cute item that your little one will surely enjoy is the Scribble Scrubbie Pets Salon.

This adorable pet Beauty Salon lets kids address the grooming needs of their Scribble Scrubbies Pets and color and clean them as well! Kids can set up this compact and portable salon wherever they go. It comes with 3 Scribble Scrubbies Markers and 2 Scribble Scrubbies Pets, including Francois (dog) and Priscilla (cat).

Pretend Play

If your kid loves to pretend play and copying everything that you do, these items are the ones for them.

The ‘Let’s Play House! Dust, Sweep & Mop’ by Melissa and Doug is a six-piece play set that gives kids all the housekeeping tools they need to keep it clean.

Sized just for kids and built to last, the broom, mop, duster, dustpan, and hand brush are comfortable to use and easy to store–just hang them from the sturdy cords onto the included stand for neat, compact storage.

It has natural-wood handles to make sure it lasts for all your kids and comes in different pops of color for more fun!

8600 DustSweepMop Lifestyle Indoors withGirl 042817 1 2000x2000


Have your kids learn through play with these items that can help them remember the colors, letters, numbers, and even their daily tasks.

The Melissa and Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart can be hanged in the playroom or their bedroom. Catch children in the act of behaving well and reward them, then watch those good habits multiply!

Open the fabric-hinged boards to reveal a behavior chart on one board, while the other board keeps all the magnets close at hand. A sturdy cord is attached for hanging. Dry-erase board and 89 magnets, including responsibilities, positive behaviors, and rewards.

5059 MagneticResponsibilityChart Seamless withBoy 2000x2000

Another gift idea is the Learning Journey’s Smart Learning Station. It has five fun games:

  • Let’s Learn the Letters, Numbers, and Shapes;
  • Find It;
  • Before and After,
  • Spelling Order Fun;
  • and Let’s Learn about Sounds and Melodies.

This award-winning brand encourages thinking and learning, enhances tactile and motor movements, and teaches language.

Untitled design 2

Another item that can be used by children 2 years and above is the ‘Learn With Me Shapes Elephant’. It includes a specially designed container, 10 peanut shaped cutouts to deposit, and has two play modes: Discovery and Find It! to help them learn about colors and shapes.

If you need a gift for babies, Halilit has items that are especially designed for them. They have musical items like the Baby’s 1st Birthday Band, Baby Drum and Xylophone.

Untitled design 3

Active Play

If your kid likes being active and playing outside, then these items are perfect for the whole family.

Whether it’s for indoors and outdoors, Bestway has their Anti-Microbial Balls that they can use during bath time or just for playing inside the room. They are easy to clean too.

Antimicrobial Balls

Something for the whole family is the Bestway pool. They have a wide range of pool sizes depending on what you need or your space at home.

Frame Pool c

So, what are you waiting for? Check out these items in time for Christmas!

Feel free to check out Ogalala, which has been a trusted partner in parenting for many years, helping parents raise happy, holistic & resilient kids through our trusted child development brands. They handle brands like Crayola, Melissa & Doug, The Learning Journey, National Geographic, Halilit and soon FabBrix and Learning Resources.

Now that we’ve covered gift ideas for your loved ones, whether friends, family, or children (and whether they’re your own or your inaanak), here’s a list for someone you should also be giving gifts too – Yourself!

8 Self-Care Gifts to Give Yourself This Christmas

We’ve all been through a tough year, and I’m sure we all need a whole lot of pampering. And let me tell you that you deserve it.

So, with the holidays coming up, here are 8 self-care items you can easily get for yourself—all from Lazada. And for full disclosure, yes, this section contains affiliate links to products, and we may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links. The actual color, appearance, size, and shape of the item might be slightly different from the ones showed on the pictures.

Anyway, feel free to look for the same items elsewhere—remember that you get to decide what makes you happy!

  1. Bath Bomb Gift Set

Photo from Lazada

Enjoy your me-time with a relaxing and refreshing bath thanks to this set of bath bombs! This set includes six fragrances: mint, rose, lavender, lemon, grapefruit, and rosemary.

Don’t have a bathtub? No worries! You can also use these bath bombs as a hand or foot soak.

  1. Gratitude Journal
gratitude journal

Photo from Lazada

Recalibrate your mind to look at the brighter things in life with this gratitude journal! This 52-week journal will help you jot down 3 things you’re thankful for each day of the week. Nothing is too simple or too small to be included in this gratitude journal!

  1. Wearable Blanket with Sleeves
blanket with sleeves

Photo from Lazada

With the Ber months literally here, it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra warmth and comfort around us.

Thanks to this wearable blanket with sleeves, you can be warm and comfortable all while being able to move freely! Perfect for cold nights where you just want to scroll through the internet, read a good book, or snuggle up with a cup of hot chocolate.

  1. Scented Organic Candles
scented candles

Photo from Lazada

When taking the time to chill and relax, it’s great to have all your senses in on it, too! It’s best to light up a scented candle to match the mood. This scented candle is made out of 100% organic materials, so no health concerns, too!

  1. Dried Fruits Detox Tea
dried fruits

Photo from Lazada

Give love to your insides with a quick detox thanks to these dried fruit packs! Just pop these babies into your drinking water, hydrate yourself, and let it do the work. Your body will surely thank you.

  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones
noise cancelling headphones

Photo from Lazada

When you want to just drown out the noise of the world and listen to some soothing music or your favorite podcasts, these noise-cancelling headphones will do the trick! It can be used for more than 30 hours and has comfortable ear cushions for those days when you really just want to be by yourself.

  1. Comfy Bean Bag Chair
bean bag

Photo from Lazada

For those days when you want to just lounge around and really relax, you’ll need a comfortable chair. This cozy bean bag chair will surely give you all the comfort you need! Just be careful–you might not want to leave that chair anymore.

  1. Himalayan Salt Lamp
himalayan salt lamp

Photo from Lazada

Himalayan salt lamps are said to have lots of health benefits. Not only will it turn your room into a moody and cozy little sanctuary, but it also purifies the air, reduces stress, and improves your sleep. Yes, I’ll take 10, please.

Why Self-Care Is Important During Christmas?

The holiday season is a time for celebration and spending time with family and loved ones. But it can also be a time for stress and anxiety, especially if you’re trying to juggle work, family time, and social obligations all at the same time. This is why it’s important to take some time for yourself and focus on your own well-being.

The best gift that you can give yourself this Christmas is not a Himalayan salt lamp, but peace of mind and good health.

Self-care is essential during the holiday season, especially in the Philippines where the Christmas cheer can be quite overwhelming. Here are some reasons you should focus on self-care this Christmas:

  1. You deserve it!

You’ve had a tough year, and you deserve a break! Self-care is a way to treat yourself and show yourself some love. So, take some time for yourself this Christmas and relax and rejuvenate your mind and body.

  1. It helps reduce stress

The holidays can be a very stressful time, especially if you’re trying to do too many things at once. Taking some time for self-care can help reduce stress so you can enjoy the holidays more.

  1. It helps improve your mood

When you’re feeling stressed or down, taking some time for self-care can help improve your mood. Spending some time relaxing in a bath bomb, listening to your favorite music, or reading your favorite book can help brighten your day.

  1. It helps improve your sleep quality

If you’re struggling to get good sleep during the holidays, taking some time for self-care can help. practices like meditation or yoga can help you relax and fall asleep easier.

  1. It helps keep you healthy

Self-care isn’t just about relaxation – it’s also about taking care of your health! Taking some time for exercise, healthy eating, and relaxation can help keep you healthy during the busy holiday season.

And what better way is there to also keep yourself in the cheeriest of spirits during the Paskong Pinoy? We’re sure many will agree that gifts are one thing, but self-love (or cash) is always the best.

Got any other creative suggestions for Christmas gifts and Kris Kringle ideas? Send us a message and let us know!