Christmas Bazaar Shopping for Wishlist Gifts in Makati Metro Manila

Just wanted to send out a quick invite!

Come check out the Wishlist Bazaar at the A Venue in Makati for some cool Christmas shopping!


Our friends from will be there and you can actually buy some immensely discounted items from them, on the spot, right there and get your vouchers as well.

Anyway, Hannah of had way too much fun and ended up getting so much stuff! She pretty much had the whole A Venue in her plastic bags… but I think she barely spent a thousand pesos….

When In Manila, get some cool and very affordable Christmas Shopping at the Wishlist Bazaar at the A Venue Makati! Don’t forget to swing by the booth of our friends from and see what cool savings you can get from them as well!

The A.Venue Hotel Suites 
Makati City, Philippines

The A.Venue Hotel Suites
Antel Lifestyle City 
7829 Makati Avenue 
Makati City 

Tel. Nos. (+632) 403 0865, (+632) 403 0888
Fax No. (+632) 403 0854


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