Chris Evans admits he cried three times while watching ‘Avengers: Endgame’

The actor behind Captain America admitted in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter that the upcoming Avengers movie was a highly emotional one. Chris Evans is quoted as saying that he cried three times in the first hour alone! He said: “Man, this one’s really good. I choked up like three times.”

chris evans

He only watched that first hour of the movie but wouldn’t exactly admit why. Jokingly, he explained that he stopped watching at the point that Captain America dies. According to him: “After I die by Tony’s hand, I just said, You know what? I can’t watch this.” Evans continues the joke, saying: “It’s hard. Seeing my own death. It’s going to be a long movie, that’s for sure. The first edit clocked in over three hours. My funeral’s like an hour.”

Always know for his wit at interviews, Evans’ statements should obviously be taken with a grain of salt. He seemed genuine about ‘choking up’ thrice during the movie, but all else is questionable. Cap could very well become another casualty of this war but I doubt the Russo brothers would waste an hour of screen time on his funeral.

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But who knows, right? It could very well be a hidden reference to something. I suppose we’ll see come April 24, when Avengers: Endgame releases nationwide.

What are your own theories for Avengers: Endgame?