Chopstop: Your Perfect Stop for Chops, Chows and Chugs

Chopstop: Your Perfect Stop for Chops, Chows and Chugs

When in Manila and looking for an American comfort food house, stop at Chopstop!

One afternoon, I heard a new store is opening in SM BF. But since it’s quite far (I live in the South, but not that far south), my best friend and I visited the Eastwood Chopstop branch instead to check out the place where people are encouraged to indulge in their cravings and skip their diets. Owned and managed by the same people behind Adobo Connection, Chopstop is a 7-month-old hangout with three branches strategically located in Valero, SM BF and, where I was standing, Eastwood.

Chopstop (1)

Chopstop (2)

Upon entering the doors, it was noticeably urban inside. A big No Diet sign encouraged visitors to chow all that they wanted. Supplementing it were Just Eat and Just Chug signs. 

Chopstop (3)

Chopstop (4)

Chopstop (5)

A trio of signs says another: STOP. LOOK. Give your ears a break. Chopstop tells you not to listen but… to EAT! 

Chopstop (6)

The street feel is generally very alive inside. You will spot a big lamp post and a stoplight near the counter. Also present are pedestrian lanes, orange PVC’s with lights and big “Where’s Chopstop?” walls. 

Chopstop (7)

Chopstop (8)

Chopstop (10)

Chopstop (9)

You might also want to have an eat-and-sing challenge with either or both of these two: 

Chopstop (11)

Sounds fun yet? Well, wait until you try what you really came here for: the food and drinks! I seized the opportunity to check out what they had to offer for my tummy and taste buds.  


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