Choka Restaurant: The Newest Food Haven in La Union

If you find yourself in San Juan, La Union, and you’re looking for a place that will definitely fill your stomach and satisfy your cravings, you have got to visit Choka Restaurant.

CHOKAChoka Restaurant–the newest food haven in La Union

Choka Restaurant is a new food spot in the growing tourist-friendly town of San Juan, La Union. It just had its soft opening last November and is now making a name for itself in the surfing capital of the North.

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Choka is an American-themed restaurant that prides itself on their delicious original dishes and their massive servings.


The owner, Ms. Clarice Urquiza, shares that she started the restaurant because of her love for food—lots of it. She says she finds it disappointing when restaurants have great food, but very small servings. This was one of the reasons why she started Choka Restaurant: to give their customers their money’s worth – and that is exactly what Choka is now known for.

CHOKAChicken Cordon Bleu (Php 250)

When the waiters brought out their bestsellers, I was shocked by the size of their dishes—they were huge! Their specialties are their entrees that are all served with a fresh green salad and amazing mashed potatoes—truly very American.

CHOKAAll American Wipeout Ribs (Php 370)

The All American Wipeout Ribs (Php 370) is definitely a must-try. The meat is tender and super juicy. The flavor oozes with every bite!

CHOKASpicy Buffalo Wings (Php 250)

The same goes for the Spicy Buffalo Wings (Php 250)—some of the tastiest and most delicious wings I’ve ever tasted. If you love Buffalo wings, you’ve got to try Choka’s version.

CHOKAChili Burger (Php 220)

Their burgers are also their bestsellers. The Chili Burger overflows with Choka’s original chili sauce and a thick all-beef patty.

CHOKASkyscraper (Php 350)

Choka’s original Skyscraper should be on your “Burgers to Try before You Die” list. It is approximately half a foot tall and basically has different kinds of meat put together between slices of bread.

The Skyscraper has an all-beef patty, chicken fillet, bacon, hash brown, an egg, some tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese. Yes, it’s a mouthful. Ms. Clarice gave her personal tip for enjoying the Skyscraper: you’ve got to press it down for it to fit in your mouth.

She shares that even big people can’t finish one Skyscraper, which is why Choka offers a mini version at Php199. The Mini Skyscraper has the same ingredients, but is simply a smaller version—perfect for kids to enjoy, as well.

Speaking of kids, Choka also offers kiddie meals that are so beautiful, they’re Instagram-worthy. They have the Bear in a Blanket, which has brown rice molded into the shape of a teddy bear tucked underneath a “blanket” of scrambled eggs. There’s also the Grilled Cheese Ladybug Sandwich, which is a kiddie sandwich made to look like—you guessed it—a lady bug.

There’s a little something for everyone at Choka. They also have Snapper Meals or combo meals at Php80-Php198 – perfect for students around the area who just want to take a break from studying.

Ms. Clarice shares that they don’t limit themselves when it comes to their ingredients. They always give the best of the best, and they always use the freshest ingredients daily.

CHOKAPastanina (Php 250)

Another example of their overloaded dishes is the Pastanina, an original pasta dish with loads of chorizo, olives, parmesan, and other herbs and spices. This one’s for the health buffs.

Another great thing about Choka Restaurant is that they let you create your own breakfast, and they have a wide range of choices, too —from the traditional Filipino tapsilog to the healthier wheat pancakes. Plus, there’s free coffee for breakfast orders of Php150 and above.

CHOKAYou’ll easily find Choka Restaurant!

The huge servings and tasty dishes are just the tip of the iceberg at Choka Restaurant. Their location is very accessible (it’s just beside the National Highway), and is just a few steps away from the beach. The place has a very minimalistic vibe that lets you enjoy the food as it is. Plus, they support local artists by displaying and selling their original artworks. You won’t just get a full stomach, but awesome souvenirs, as well!

CHOKALocal artworks for sale!

There are admittedly lots of foodie spots in San Juan, La Union; but Choka Restaurant is one that every food lover should try—especially those who actually want to get a full stomach and not just a phone filled with foodie photos. Their delicious original dishes, big servings, and relaxing ambiance complete the whole package!

CHOKAVisit Choka for a happy tummy!

By visiting Choka Restaurant, you’ll get the full travel experience at San Juan, La Union and leave with a very happy tummy. So be sure to add Choka Restaurant to your next travel itinerary!

Choka Restaurant

248 National Hiway, Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union

0921 219 3528

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