Chinese News TV Now Airs on ABS-CBN News Channel

ABS-CBN News Channel or ANC had an agreement with a Filipino-Chinese media company to air a nightly weekday news program entitled Chinese News TV or CNTV.

The news show already started last April 12 and according to their website, it’s the first news program that delivers Philippine headlines in Mandarin.

Chinese News TV is owned by a Filipino-Chinese company that aims to support Beijing’s One Belt One Road advocacy or OBOR. The initiatives have different programs but it aims to help promote economic cooperation and integration in ASEAN and Central Asian countries that includes trade, investment, and information just to name a few.

CNTV is produced by Horizon of the Sun Communications Inc, who is the same team behind the longest-running Filipino-Chinese lifestyle show entitled Chinatown TV.

According to Horizon of the Sun Communications is head Louella Ching-Chan, CNTV has been airing since November 2017  in previous channels like IBC-13 and NET25.

ABS-CBN released a statement and said that they retain editorial control over the show to make sure the show provides national stories and ensures the translation from Mandarin to English subtitles are accurate.