Chill Ikot: Jumpstart, A Virtual Revamp of the UP Diliman Campus Tour

Powered by UP Engineering Radio Guild (UP ERG), Chill Ikot with its new edition is ready to rev up the world of EEEI freshmen! From a one-day event filled with exhibits, talks, games, and tour around UP Diliman, Chill Ikot: Jumpstart transformed into a four-day event adjusted in the new normal of remote learning environment. On September 1-4, this event will warmly welcome EEEI freshmen, shiftees, and transferees, but incoming freshmen from other courses are invited as well. Each day has its own surprise. Let’s unravel them, shall we?

The first two days revolve around the fundamentals of engineering: mathematics and physics. During the first day of this event, UP ERG will be accelerating learning through online games, useful webinars, and inspirational speech from a recent EEEI graduate who will be sharing her insights and experiences. Moreover, the second day integrates refresher academic materials and tips to give a head start in acing quizzes and exams. A sophomore student who is ready to share his freshie life experiences awaits!

Specializing in the field of electrical and electronics engineering needs basic skills in programming and circuit analysis. On the third day of this event, participants will be training like a hackerman and unleash their inner Mr. Robot. A programmer from the EEEI community will help in identifying and removing bugs regarding the freshmen journey. The last day of this event offers the relevant concepts and basics in circuits. The fun games and interactive webinars serve as the components and wires for the freshmen to be connected to EEEI. A virtual tour for participants is prepared to feel the UP fighting spirit!

UP ERG is excited to welcome  EEEI freshmen, shiftees, and transferees through the revamped version of our event. Packed with webinars, review sessions, talks, games, and a virtual tour, Chill Ikot: Jumpstart will be released in a week! Interested freshmen, shiftees, and transferees could sign up at to have a chance unveiling the stories in the EEEI community. Start your UP stories with us as we launch the new edition of Chill Ikot!

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