Children’s Month 2020

Children’s Month, held every November, is a month-long event that aims to promote and spread awareness on children’s rights. Due to the pandemic, activities are modified to be accessible online. 


This year, UP Volunteers for Children, along with other Children’s Month organizations, proposed the following projects or events:

  • Mulat newsletter
    • The newsletter releases bi-monthly news updates to raise awareness on children’s rights.
  • Online Art Exhibit

Through the children’s artworks, this exhibit features their perspectives regarding the current situation by answering the following questions: (1) Ano ang una mong gagawin kapag natapos ang quarantine? (2) Anu-ano ang iyong gingagawa sa bahay ngayong quarantine? (3) Anong mg ana-miss mong gawin sa labas? (4) Ano ang ginawa ng iyong mga kapatid at amgulang ngayong quarantine?

  • Online Study Kits for Kids 

These kits include stories that highlight the importance of bayanihan and the role of our frontliners during the pandemic, as well as worksheets that can help the children learn and de-stress during the quarantine period.

  • Online Storybook
    • This is done through a video presentation about a student’s struggles during the pandemic and the involvement of his/her family in his/her coping mechanisms.

  • Speak Up Saturday: A Podcast on Children’s Rights
    • This is a podcast episode that encourages us to “speak out” regarding the issues present in the society, especially on children’s rights
    • Foster Friday
      • This post highlights the different organizations involved in helping the children have a better and brighter future.
    • Why Wednesday
      • This post highlights the reasons why the UNICEF-affiliated organizations choose to fight for children’s rights.

    All these would not have been accomplished without the help of the following partner

    organizations, media partners, and sponsors:

    • UST Volunteers for UNICEF
    • Family Life and Child Development Circle
    • UP Association of Biology Majors
    • UP Geological Society
    • UP Tabletop
    • UP Children’s Rights Advocates League
    • UP Flyers
    • UP Philosophy for Children
    • UP Preschool Practitioners
    • The Hope Project UPM
    • UP Community Development Circle
    • Philippine Association of Nutrition – Alpha Chapter
    • UP Travel Society
    • UP Enkindle
    • HallyUP
    • UP Variates
    • AGGRE
    • TechKuya
    • ASTIG.PH
    • SparkUp Philippines
    • DZUP 1602
    • The Brigada E-skwela Project