Chicco Toothpaste: Protect Your Baby’s Teeth with the Right Toothpaste

Moms always want to ensure that they provide the maximum care for their babies. I know I did when my daughter was still a wee one. Chicco is an established Italian baby brand with the same vision and goal. They understand the relevance of the early stages of childhood and thus provide quality care products for newborn babies and breastfeeding moms.

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Even while you’re breastfeeding, Chicco makes sure that your baby is still protected from any bacteria that could harm their health. Chicco toothpaste also has a delightful variety of flavors that will ensure your baby has a good time brushing. Here are the different flavors:

Chicco Apple Banana Toothpaste

The Xylitol in Chicco toothpaste helps prevent cavities, and does not damage milk teeth, thanks to its low abrasive formula. The Apple-Banana flavour is ideal for babies during the weaning period.

Chicco Strawberry Toothpaste

The Strawberry flavor has bio-available calcium and is a flavor ideal for bigger children. It also has a preservative-free formula.

Chiccco toothpaste is exclusively distributed by Europlay Distributor Company Inc. and is available in Mercury Drug and other baby stores nationwide.




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