Chef Rodge Offers Strawberry Cream Cheese Pandesal, Buko Pandan Pandesal, and More

Ube cheese pandesal has been a huge trend for a while now, but have you tried other flavored pandesals yet? If you’re interested in delving into a whole new world of flavored bread, Chef Rodge is here to show you what you’ve been missing out on.

Photo from Chef Rodge

Chef Rodge was actually an accidental start when the whole family was at home because of quarantine, and it really just began as daily merienda that their dad would bake for them. He would create baked products for their close friends and family to try; and after some encouragement (but also admittedly a bit of hesitation), Chef Rodge was born.

All of Chef Rodge’s flavors are inspired by fruits and food that they eat themselves. Here is a list of what they currently have on their roster:

  • Ube Cheddar Cheese Pandesal (Php340)
  • Strawberry Cream Cheese Pandesal (Php380)
  • Mango Cream Cheese Pandesal (Php380)
  • Corned Beef Pandesal (Php350)
  • Buko Pandan Pandesal (Php350)
  • Buko Pandan Cheese Pandesal (Php380)
  • Cheese Pandesal (Php300)
  • Milky Dinner Rolls (Php300)
  • Choco Dinner Rolls (Php350)
  • Tuna Buns (Php400)
  • Cheese Loaf (Php300)
  • Corned Beef Loaf (Php340)

As of the moment, they sell their pandesals by the dozen, their dinner rolls in packs of 16, their tuna buns in packs of 8, and their loaves per piece. They plan on adding more varieties of bread soon, though, so make sure to watch out for that!

Photo from Chef Rodge

Since Chef Rodge makes bread with no additives and preservatives, their goods are best consumed immediately. However, if you want to savor the taste longer, you may place the bread in the freezer and reheat it when necessary.

Chef Rodge started with a small capital because of the pandemic, but being able to share their food with others drives them forward. Chef Rodge also continues to use premium ingredients to maintain the utmost quality. Even though they’re a home kitchen, they also make sure that every part of the process is 100% clean from preparation to dispatch. Hygiene matters, after all – especially now! Check them out through their Instagram account below.

Chef Rodge

Instagram: @chef.rodge

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