11 Cheeseburgers You Need to Try Right Now

Love cheeseburgers? We tried a bunch of cheeseburgers recently just in time for National Cheeseburger Day and have compiled a list of some of the best ones we’ve tried because we think you should try them, too!

11. Kenny Rogers Roasters

Roasters Beyond Burger

Photo from Kenny Rogers

We weren’t exactly sure if this counts because, well, it’s plant-based. However, it just tastes sooooo good and it has cheese, so that should count, right? If you’re looking for a healthier cheeseburger option that doesn’t skimp on taste and flavor, try Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Beyond Burger, a partnershiop with world-renowned plant-based meat producer Beyond Meat that will really surprise you.

Kenny Rogers Roasters goes Beyond Deliciously Healthy with a plant-based lineup that’s packed with that meaty, umami flavor but is still oh-so-easy to your health and well-being. Make sure to try Kenny’s Beyond Mashed Potato, too. A hefty plant-based burger patty is nestled on top of a bed of creamy mashed potatoes and smothered with a generous helping of mushroom gravy. With all of the rich flavors coming together in these decadent burger meals, you might not even notice you’re not eating any meat at all. Order via foodpanda now!

10. Fat Patty

Fat Patty Cheeseburger Box

Photo from Fat Patty

Fat Patty started out as a thesis paperback when the owners had to establish a business that would operate for at least six months. After graduation, they decided to continue the business and after a year at their first location, they decided to join Mercato Centrale in BGC instead for exposure. They gained a lot of loyal customers there because of word-of-mouth, and the rest is history.

Fat Patty’s cheeseburgers come in their simplest form but taste amazing and we absolutely love how they have boxes to suit your current cravings. You can get a box with baked mac, fries, and wings that are perfect alongside their cheeseburgers. From the first bite, you’ll be able to tell right away that Fat Patty uses nothing but premium ingredients. They start with fresh, 100% pure beef and don’t add any additives, binders, or fillers. If it’s a no-fuss cheeseburger you’re looking for, this is it. Order via foodpanda now!

9. Comemos (@comemosmnl)

Comemos Cheeseburger

Photo from Comemos

“Comemos” means “we eat” and was born from the fact that the husband and wife behind the brand always eat with friends anywhere. Their cheeseburgers, Dos Quesos and OG, are made with USDA Angus beef and an incredibly good barbecue sauce you won’t soon forget. What makes people go back to Comemos? Their high-quality homemade ingredients by Chef Myko Sy, who really focuses on the flavor of the food. Their main goal is to give everybody a taste of high-quality burgers without burning a hole through their wallets – and they do exactly that.

8. Gutom Dre (@gutomdre)

Gutom Dre Cheeseburger

Photo from Gutom Dre

Gutom Dre started with a group of friends who had no work because of the pandemic. They offer budget-friendly burgers that don’t compromise on quality and taste with a signature patty recipe and a secret sauce that you can dip practically anything into. Their cheeseburgers aside, make sure to try their Cajun Chicken Sandwich, too – it’s a must-try!

7. Sancho’s Kitchen PH (@sanchoskitchenph)

Sanchos Kitchen PH Cheeseburger

Photo from Sancho’s Kitchen PH

Sancho’s is a fusion food store of American-Asian cuisine that offers quick bites – including cheeseburgers. Their food is all homemade and made fresh on the spot when a customer orders. Their cheeseburgers are a result of the combined preferences of the cousins who own Sancho’s. The brioche buns, patties, sauce, and construction of the burger were all formed from their idea of a scrumptious burger.

Sancho’s burger patties are made from 100% pure beef and marinated with their signature recipe for a delicious result. Their buttery and soft brioche buns of their burgers definitely stand out, too, which really isn’t surprising since they are baked fresh in-store from a personal recipe. Apparently, they get a lot of inquiries about whether they sell the buns separately, but they are exclusively available for Sancho’s burgers and sandwiches.

6. Burgerville Manila

Burgerville Manila Cheeseburger

Photo from Burgerville Manila

As a couple, the owners of Burgerville Manila love to eat at different restaurants to try new food.With burgers being one of their favorite food, it makes sense that they decided to try their luck with it – and why their burgers are so delicious. Their charcoal-grilled burgers are flavorful, delicious, and filling, and made with 100% pure beef and no extenders. All of the ingredients (including the sauces) are made using premium brands in the market. They also opt to cook them in a charcoal griller to give them a smoky flavor and to make them healthier. We love that they use city names on their menu, too – such a unique touch! Make sure to try their combo meals, which comes with overloaded fries and nuggets!  Order via foodpanda now!

5. Secret Sauce MNL (@secretsauce_mnl)

Cheeseburger Photo 1 Secret Sauce MNL

Photo from Secret Sauce

22-year-old Klint Ngo’s mission for Secret Sauce MNL is to serve great quality burgers using the best quality ingredients – and that’s exactly what they do. “I always had the dream of starting a food business, especially a burger joint, because of my love for burgers,” he shares. During the lockdown, his girlfriend reminded him about this dream; and in September 2020, Secret Sauce MNL was born.

Secret Sauce MNL keeps things simple – and that’s probably the best thing about them. They use 100% USDA beef and grind their meat to control the patty’s fat content for the most mouth-watering results. Their buns are ultra-buttery and their secret sauce brings everything together perfectly. Their cheeseburger aside, make sure to try their Mary’s Lamb Burger, as well. This isn’t very common here in the Philippines, but they make it so well. They’ve got Klassic Fries and Mozzarella Sticks, too – perfect sides for their burgers. Order via foodpanda now!

Secret Sauce MNL is actually turning one on September 22, so make sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram for an exciting treat.

4. Gineral’s Classics by LA Tenorio

Ginerals Classics Cheeseburger

Photo from Gineral’s Classics

LA Tenorio has always loved food. So, when an opportunity came to partner with a cloud kitchen company that could bring his favorites to people, he jumped at the chance. Gineral’s Classics basically brings LA’s favorites to life – and the Double Smash Burger is an absolute delight! It is huge and guaranteed to fill you up. “I would be confident to put it up against any burger, but one of my goals was to make this burger affordable for everyone,” he says. “I think we have the best sub 200 peso burger around!”

Their burgers aside, they also have steak rice, which is LA’s personal favorite. They also have delicious dishes perfect for Friday night inumans, like Liempo and Sisig. Order via foodpanda now!

3. Mimi & Bros (@mimiandbros)

Mimi and Bros Munch Box Cheeseburger

Photo from Mimi & Bros

You’re probably already familiar with Mimi & Bros’ burgers by now, but did you know that they have a Munch Box, too? This Munch Box can be shared with your loved ones and consists of some of our favorite goodies from Mimi & Bros. Perfect for movie nights, afternoon snacks, or any time you have burger cravings, the box includes two Double Smash Cheeseburgers (or two Chicken Sandwiches), half an order of Chicken Fingers, an order of fries, two cans of soda or iced tea, and four pieces of our all-time favorite, their nakaka-adik na croquettes.

Mimi & Bros takes pride in serving the best comfort food. Their philosophy is to make the food that people already love so much and to put an innovative and unexpected twist into how these are made and presented. They also have other Happy Boxes depending on your mood and needs: The New Vacay, Thirsty Thursday, Mimi’s Girls Night In, and Sunny Sunday Brunch. Order via foodpanda now!

2. Brothers Burger (@brothersburger)

Brothers Burger 2

Well-known for their flame-grilled burgers and onion rings, Brothers Burger popularized the burger experience with different tastes and flavors of the burgers and sandwiches. If you love their burgers, then you need to try their new Smash Brothers burgers. Veering away from their classic flame-grilled method of cooking, Chef Quito wanted to apply his skills to a pan-seared type of patty. Applying his special Q’s sauce, and other elements and ingredients of a smash burger, Chef Quito hopes to satisfy the tastebuds of burger lovers and enthusiasts.

They’ve definitely succeeded because it is delicious. It even comes in different variants depending on your mood: Smash Brothers for just the right amount of burger cravings, Super Smash Brothers for when you’re hella hungry, and Smash Brothers Lettuce Wrap in case you want a healthier option. Either way, they’re all good!

1. Burger Beast

Burger Beast Classic Cheeseburger

Photo from Burger Beast

Burger Beast is the result of Chef Carlo Miguel’s in-depth research on how to make a better burger. “We have elevated every part of the burger, from patties to buns, to condiments and sauces,” he shares. Honestly, words can’t even describe how good Burger Beast’s cheeseburger is. Made with their signature patties, homemade ketchup, and sauces; it really is a unique tasting burger experience – and one that you won’t soon forget. My daughter actually wolfed hers down in less than 10 minutes, and she’s a really picky eater, so that’s saying something! Make sure to also try their Umami Burger, curly fries, and chicken poppers! Order via foodpanda now!

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