ChEckBoard 2021: Ascending Heights

The University of the Philippines Academic League of Chemical Engineering Students, Inc. (UP ALCHEMES) is a premier organization from the College of Engineering of the University of the Philippines – Diliman. Since its establishment in 1999, the organization has geared itself towards upholding its values of genuine service, humility, unparalleled academics, professionalism, and excellence.

UP ALCHEMES presents to you ChEckBoard 2021: Ascending Heights — a Chemical Engineering Licensure Examination Primer. Now on its twelfth year, the duly recognized primer will be a two-day webinar via Zoom and Facebook Live on September 4-5, 2021, from 1-4 PM. Upholding its vision and the Alchemists’ virtue of genuine service, ChEckBoard 2021 aims to prepare BS Chemical Engineering graduates and upcoming board exam takers for the licensure exam. The webinar will feature talks that would discuss essential exam pointers and guidelines courtesy of current members of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Board of Chemical Engineering. Not only that — inspiring and wisdom-filled board top-notchers and industry professionals will also be sharing their experiences and tips for success in both the board exams and the industry, which will definitely up the game of aspiring chemical engineers. 

WIM CB 2021 Poster

Let ChEckBoard aid you on your journey to the boards and beyond. Transcend your limits and ascend to new heights. Register now!


This event is co-presented by Auxesis Review Center, Manila Review Institute, Inc., Quantum Review Center, and RI Chemical Corporation, together with our media partners –, The POST, and

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