ChEckBoard 2014: Fuel Your Passion

ChEckBoard 2014: Fuel Your PassiononeMB

ChEckBoard, organized by the UP Academic League of Chemical Engineering Students (UP ALCHEMES), is on its fifth year of fueling the passion of chemical engineering graduates across the nation to become competitive and effective chemical engineers through a seminar-type primer aimed at providing assistance to the board exam takers.

This year, ChEckBoard is stronger than ever. CheckBoard 2014 not only prepares the examinees for the board exam but introduces them to the labor force as well. For the first time, there will also be mini job fair alongside the event to further sustain the drive of these chemical engineering graduates to become world-class professionals in their respective fields. Companies will deliver company talks and set up booths to orient the graduates on what they will face in the near future.

Way back in 2011, ChEckBoard began as a two-hour seminar of a select number of board exam takers. Through the years, the event has grown into a more relevant and interactive day-long event with a much stronger online base with participants hailing from all over the Philippines.

The event continues to provide the examinees with essential knowledge for them to excel in their exam by inviting recent board topnotchers and current members of the Professional Regulation (PRC) Board of Chemical Engineering. Speakers are tasked to discuss important pointers like the overview of topics, examination rules and guidelines, and other useful tips for the upcoming examination.

Indeed, ChEckBoard remains true to the core values and visions of the organization in providing service to their fellow chemical engineering students by ensuring that they are in perfect shape to take the examination and, in the long run, to usher the community to greater heights as the next generation of innovators, as chemical engineers.




ChEckBoard 2014: Fuel Your Passion

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