CHECK THIS OUT: Leveling Up the Typical Tricycle

We already know how creative Filipinos can get, but sometimes, we still get surprised!

From photoshop skills to fashion skills, the creativity of the Filipino mind often breaks the internet and spreads the good vibes to anyone who sees the finish products.

Well, let’s take it one step further this time and take the creativity to vehicles!

Check out this quick video showing a really cool transformed tricycle with an automatic door and a rising roof with speakers. Cool! Saludo kami sa’yo, manong driver!

I’m sure riding this tricycle would instantly give us good vibes. This must have costed quite an amount, but surely all of manong‘s passengers would appreciate this and it would make their ride memorable.

We don’t exactly know where we can find this awesome tricycle but if you’ve seen it or have ridden it, share your experience with us! We’d love to hear all about it.