CHECK OUT Thomson Air Fryer: Why it’s the Better Choice


thomson france

What is Thomson Air Fryer?

Thomson is a French brand that made its way to the Philippines last 2013, currently available in SM Homeworld, Anson’s, Fair and Square, Robinson’s Home, SnR, etc.  With a 10 liter capacity, Thomson air fryer is way bigger than most air fryers in the market. It has 8 preset settings – roast, grill, fry, steam, bake, rotisserie, stir-fry and bbq. It can do all these with ZERO or 80-90% less oil in cooking by using turbo hot air technology.

thomson airfryer

Why use a Thomson Air Fryer?

Air Fryers are life-savers by cooking and frying your food with little or NO oil at all! It approximately uses 80-90% less oil than needed. Do they have the deep fried taste? No, they don’t as air fryers do not use too much oil, but it does provide you a healthier and tasty alternative.

thomson airfryer wheninmanila

With digitally controlled time, temperature using turbo hot air technology and auto shut-off features, you can have a meal in 15 minutes! These preset cooking settings allow you to cook without worrying about the temperature and time. Also, due to the contained design with transparent lid, you can check whatever you’re cooking without the fear of hot oil splattering everywhere.

thomson air fryer wheninmanila

Moreover, due to its larger capacity, you can easily fit in a whole chicken compared to drawer type air fryers in the market. Last but certainly not the least, Thomson Air fryer is at least 35% cheaper in price compared to other leading brands.

See pictures of our chicken wings experience with Thomson Air Fryer:

thomson airfryer philippines

thomson airfryer fried chicken philippines

thomson airfryer fried chicken wheninmanila philippines

Crispy and cooked evenly!

thomson air fryer

thomson air fryer philippines

thomson air fryer wheninmanila philippines

Should you buy a Thomson Air Fryer?

YES! This is highly recommended for those starting a new diet, or those who want to start eating smart and healthy or just about anyone with a busy life.

✔ Less or no oil means a healthier meal.

✔ Turbo hot air technology provides quick cooking time

✔ No oil spills equal better safety and less mess.

✔ For only Php 8,995 with a 10L capacity, Thomson Air Fryer is easily the more affordable choice!

Air Fryer TM-AF10KD


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