Check out this donation drive that helps donate to teachers in Cagayan

The New Normal sets a new variety of challenges to every Filipino. As COVID-19 cases continuously spike in the Philippines, we have to adjust our usual day-to-day business to cope up. One of which is in terms of the new guidelines for conducting classes this coming Academic Year 2020-2021. There are three modes of learning system developed namely, online classes, blended learning, and modular learning. Modular learning is done through sending modules to every student in their respective homes. This enables them to continue classes especially for those who do not have access to the internet. 

The overwhelming challenge for this is the lack of supply the teachers need for modular learning such as bond paper, printer inks, and other school materials.


To help teachers lessen the weight on their shoulders, a donation drive was created called Project Churros for our GUROs spearheaded by a law student. The project sells the all-time favorite merienda, Churros, in Lallo, Cagayan area only. 100% profit from the sales will be added to the donations. They are also accepting in cash and in-kind donations. The donation drive aims to provide the supplies as the teachers shift to modular learning. The beneficiaries of this donation drive are the teachers in Lallo, Cagayan. 


Their target is to reach 40,000 pesos to reach five batches of donation having 15 beneficiaries. These schools include Lallo National High School with an estimated 2000 students, Magapit National High School, Paranum Elementary School, and others. As of the moment, they were able to raise 2,680 pesos and are ready to give supplies to their first beneficiary.

The project plans to expand its scope throughout the neighboring towns of Lallo as it progresses. Any amount would make a huge difference. 

Let’s help our teachers and students!

Check out their Facebook page here.