Check out this China-exclusive trailer of “Aquaman” with additional footage

Aquaman is coming out soon and if you’re like us who can’t wait, you should check out this China-exclusive trailer that features additional footage.

Watch it below:

The additional scenes include Mera explaining her “hero not a king” idea further; an extended fight scene between Aquaman and Orm, and Mera and Aquaman fighting the Black Manta; and more footage of Aquaman.

The film follows the origin story of the titular character as he becomes entangled in a war between the surface world and the Atlanteans below the sea who want to revolt.

Early reviews from critics have been positive, with IGN movies podcast host Tom Jorgensen declaring that Aquaman is the best DC movie since The Dark Knight. DC has famously not done well with their film adaptations, with Wonder Woman the only film in the DC Extended Universe getting positive reviews.

But it looks like Aquaman is set to change all that!

The film will premiere on December 21, 2018.

Are you excited for this? Share your thoughts below!

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