Check out the New Samsung (Multiview) Mirror Pop MV800


When in Manila and you want to capture the perfect moments with the right angles, then Samsung might just have the answer you were looking for!


I love taking pictures! I think that it’s a MUST for every outing and hangout with friends and family. I take pictures of the scenery, the food, and everything else. And of course, it’s a MUST to take pictures of the people involved… there’s just one problem.. I WANT TO BE IN THE PHOTO TOO!!






Have you ever tried to angle your camera while holding it with one hand in hopes that you’re able to fit everyone into the photo…only to find out after several attempts that you keep cutting off someone’s head? Unless you’re THAT vain (I admit I am), it’s pretty hard to put the camera on the right angle and distance and get satisfactory results! Well with the new Samsung Mirror Pop MV800, you no longer have to worry about that!






Around a year ago, Samsung introduced the St700 and PL170/PL120 cameras. These were the first cameras to have dual LCDs and quickly became a huge hit. But Samsung did not stop there, they further developed this idea and created the Multiview or better known as the Mirror Pop MV800!






 The Samsung MV800 builds on the success of Samsung 2View technology and is also the first premium compact model to feature a 3.0” Wide Flip-out MultiView Touch Display. Just imagine the wonders and possibilities that you can do with a 3.0 Flip-out Touch Display! You can now easily take self portraits without the awkward angles as well as take high or low angled shots without needing to tiptoe or bend over! The unique screen tilts up and down so you can frame every shot and easily view back your images from any perspective.



The Mirror Pop Mv800 is also really slim so you don’t need to worry about fitting it in those small pockets or purses! However, regardless of it’s slender body, the Mirror Pop boasts enhanced picture quality and a touch screen technology. Moreover, it also offers 16.1 megapixels  for the perfect picture quality along with 5x optical zoom lens with 5x digital zoom and a 26mm wide-angle lens and an ISO 3200 light sensitivity range, you definitely won’t go wrong with this camera.


Samsung Mirror Pop GIF


 “Our aim is to continually be at the forefront of digital compact camera innovation and the breakthrough MultiView proposition offered by the Samsung MultiView MV800 is the embodiment of that goal. The Samsung camera’s unique ability to capture images from any angle, with its stylish and ultra-slim design, demonstrates unparalleled Samsung innovation which we believe will appeal to every photographer and establish a new benchmark for the industry.” –Mr. Ariel T. Arias, Audio-Visual Business Unit Head


Other features:


  • Smart Touch 3.0

This feature enables you to drag and scroll through menu options to launch the required feature with a single touch. Smart Touch 3.0 also keeps it fun by letting users customize their background image or wallpaper.


  • Live Panorama

Unlike other cameras which require you to upload the picture to your PC before you can see the actual shot, the Mirror Pop offers the Live Panorama feature. Here, you are able to see the final image in advance so you know you are getting the exact shot you wanted. All you gotta do is hold down the shutter button and sweep the camera across the scene. MOREOVER, by simply connecting the Samsung MV800 to a 3D HDTV, images and panoramic shots can be viewed instantly in outstanding 3D in-depth quality.


  • Picture in Picture Shot

Ever wanted to get 2 pictures in one shot? To do that, we usually need to take 2 photos and edit it later on with our photo-editing software. Well with the Picture in Picture feature of the Mirror Pop, you can insert one image within another, to capture the full, glorious story you want to share. Imagine being able to take the photo of the band performing on stage side by side to the picture of the audience going wild!


  • Magic Frame

The Magic Frame feature includes 12 fun background templates, as well as the ability for users to customize their own


  • Smart Filter

Smart Filter allows users to express their own creativity through a menu of 14 artistic effects! Some of these features include Cross Filter (expressing light from the sun and other sources in crosswise patterns), Comic (expressing comic images), Oil Painting, and Ink-and-Wash Painting effect modes.


  • Funny Face

The Funny Face feature lets you stretch, twist, warp and bend the different pictures of family and friends… and yourself too if you want! You just need to tap the screen to enlarge features or drag your fingers across the screen to distort faces EVEN BEFORE taking the picture, The Face Tracking feature on the other hand will ensure that the distorted image will remain the same even if the camera is moved.


  • Storyboard Maker

The Samsung MV800 essentially allows you to become the creative director of your life with an innovative Storyboard Maker. Users can prepare a storyboard from the images they have shot by simply selecting the layout, and then placing the photos in order. Whether you are creating a movie of a night out with friends or capturing a fantastic family holiday, see it laid out on the display as clearly as you do in your head.


  •  HD Movie Capabilities

Enjoy a consistently clear and crisp video technology and capture special memories with a recording time of up to twice as long as the standard MPEG4. The innovative zoom noise reduction technology ensures that the only sound recorded will be the laughter and conversation of loved ones, not the whirring of the zoom.


MV800 04 MB 1024x768MV800 13 MB 1024x768



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So When In Manila, grab your own Samsung Mirror Pop at an SRP of 14,990 Php and don’t miss out on those great photo ops again!



Check out the New Samsung (Multiview) Mirror Pop MV800