Check Out Prince George’s Super Posh School Lunch Menu

It’s been three weeks since Prince George attended his first day of school at private school Thomas’s Battersea, yet according to his father William, Duke of Cambridge, the four-year-old prince is already sick of going to school!

We understand — we were kids once! But whatever the case, we do hope it’s not because of their fabulous school lunches, which fit right in at a classy Michelin-star restaurant!

Prince George

While Thomas’s Battersea doesn’t have many royal students under its tutelage, it is quite an expensive school at almost £18,000 (about P1.2 million!), counting A-list stars Florence Welch and Cara Delevingne among its alumni. So it’s not surprising that they would have quite the menu that’s a huge upgrade from sandwiches and juice pouches!

After all, this is so kids won’t “get bored” with the food. According to the school’s website, they offer a “three week menu cycle, repeated once”, while the menu “changes with the season, so that we offer lighter lunches during the lighter days and more substantial meals when the days turn cold.” Of course, they have fish and vegetarian options, too.

  • Freshly prepared authentic lamb ragout with garlic and fresh herbs, served with organic grated cheese, baton carrots and cucumber, and steamed fibre-rich whole wheat tasty pasta.
  • Freshly prepared salmon fillet with a salsa verdi, served with steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and oven baked herby diced potatoes
  • Freshly prepared poached haddock with a poached egg, served with steamed baby corn, carrots and mange tout, and Mediterranean 50/50 cous cous and quinoa
  • Freshly prepared tomato and avocado bruschetta

And for dessert:

  • Freshly baked Portuguese egg custard tart with strawberries
  • Fresh fruit platter served with a fruit Actimel
  • Steamed jam and coconut sponge with organic custard

Gosh — they sound like food even some adults can’t afford.

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