Check Out This Photo of the Mayon Volcano Behind a 100-Peso Bill

How well do you know your money? Do you pay attention to the images on your peso bills at all or do anything with them other than pay for stuff? I have to admit that although I use peso bills on a daily basis, I have never actually gotten creative with them in any way, but that isn’t the case with Clarence Joseph Arquillano who took a picture of Mayon behind a 100-peso bill when he went to Legazpi. Check it out:
Mayon 100 Pesos

Clarence shares that he only got inspired to take this photo by accident. He recalls, “I was on our hotel balcony drinking beer and just appreciating the view when my sister asked me for the extra key card for our room. So, I grabbed inside my pocket and pulled out the card along with a few bills. That’s when I noticed the picture of Mayon on the back of the 100-peso bill while the real one was actually right in front of my very eyes!”

Mayon Volcano

“I was stunned,” he says. “I’ve earned money before, used the money, bought things, got allowance from my parents, saved it, but I never payed attention to the pictures on the back of it. I never gave importance to it whatsoever. It’s shameful for my part and I bet there are a lot of people who don’t pay attention to small things like this, either.”

Clarence shares that this is why he took the photo covering the Mayon with the one on the 100-peso bill, and took another photo with the real one: “so people may realize that we only appreciate or look at the significance of things once we see the bigger picture.”

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