Check Out Kendall Jenner’s Two-Minute Makeup Routine

If you’ve ever wondered how Kendall Jenner gets ready in the morning, here you go.

The supermodel and reality star recently teamed up with Vogue on the feature “Supermodel Closets”.

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When it comes to makeup, Kendall is actually pretty l0w-key, sharing that she doesn’t like to put too much foundation on, because she hates having cakey makeup. The 22-year-old beauty flaunted her minimal makeup look, which is actually a stark contrast from sisters Kylie and Kim, who are the poster girls for contouring and heavy lips.

Although there’s no doubt that Kendall is beautiful, as it turns out, her makeup secrets weren’t always exactly flawless:

“When I was, like, 14, having thin eyebrows was the cool thing, so I literally plucked them all off.”

Kendall shared that her sisters yelled at her after that, throwing away all the tweezers in their house, and that she’s “never touched my eyebrows since”.

Check out the video below:

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