Check out Cole Sprouse’s captured photos of Manila during his visit

Is there anything this hunk can’t do, other than swooning us with his intelligence, good looks and his remarkable acting?

American actor Cole Sprouse gave Manila a visit just a few weeks ago and he got the chance to roam around the city. As a photography enthusiast, we finally get to see Manila captured in his perspective.

ENTERTAINMENT: Cole Sprouse has arrived in Manila!

Check out the photos he uploaded on his Instagram account.

The warm hues Sprouse placed on his photo filters of Manila perfectly depicted the warmth, err, the heat of the summer in the city.

He also captured the slums, which is believed to be taken somewhere in Tondo or Binondo.

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Sprouse shares to Inquirer that he loves the country’s local seafood which he devoured during his visit. He had the chance to go to a seafood market, too.

“I have eaten so many different dishes in such a small period of time. It’s hard to say which one is my favorite, because I’ve gluttonized myself tremendously,” he jokes.

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