‘Charlie’ vandalizes coral reef in Batangas and this is not cool!

A vandal who is known as “Charlie” did an underwater graffiti in a coral reef at the house reef of Bauan Divers Sanctuary (BDS).

The story was shared by Vince Tenchavez via a Facebook post.

Here it goes:

Full post below:

Charlie, whoever you are, take that stick, banger, or whatever you used to write on these beautiful corals – and shove it up your…

We found these on September 23, 2018 at around 40ft depth at the house reef of Bauan Divers Sanctuary – in an area where my group and the BDS staff are working hard to propagate coral life by building coral propagation units.

And some idiot comes along and does this. Can’t believe a scuba diver has that low of an EQ and an absence of concern for marine life to do this. We believe this was done either September 22 or 23.

And to Charlie’s dive buddies who witnessed him do this but did nothing to stop him, shame on you as well. You all should know better.

To all my non-diver friends who can see this post, you might think this is cool or cute, but it totally isn’t. Doing this stupid thing kills the coral which took decades, even hundreds of years, to grow. So please don’t even think about doing this.


Some people who have seen the post recommended that Vince should check the guest list of Bauan Divers Sanctuary to find a lead to who Charlie is.

He did this but to no avail. Vince added:

A lot of people have been asking me to check the guest list of Bauan Divers Sanctuary, which we already did. And no one named Charlie was checked in last weekend.

So we believe this person might be a diver from another resort doing a boat dive at the house reef of BDS. There were several boats with several divers diving there over those 2 days. So it’s actually very difficult to find out who this person is. All the more if this Charlie is a foreigner using his “English name.”

If this person posted his masterpiece on social media, someone should have noticed it by now. But as of today, no one has reported yet.

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