Channel Your Inner Isabela Madrigal With These Purple Dresses

If you have seen Encanto, chances are you’ve fallen in love with Isabela Madrigal! Even though she is not the main character, she steals the spotlight by simply being herself.  For those who have not watched the latest Disney movie yet, Isabela is the eldest sister of Luisa and Mirabel. The heroine calls her “señorita perfecta” because she is the golden child of the Madrigal family. Blessed by the magic of the Encanto (their home), Isabela’s gift is the power to conjure beautiful flowers and plants. She is graceful and beautiful inside and out. In other words, effortlessly perfect! Flowers bloom with each step she takes, which is why she easily became a fan favorite.

Her outfit matches her personality–a purple floral dress that flows seamlessly as she performs her whimsical and scenic musical numbers! It’s no wonder why we all admire her and want to be her. So if you want to channel your inner Isabela, check out these purple floral dresses from Shopee that you can wear!

This purple fairy dress can be worn two ways, as a short-sleeved dress or an off-shoulder dress. Get it here!

Add sexy to your beautiful and graceful Isabela spirit with this purple backless dress. Get it here!

Into Korean dresses? This purple puff-sleeve dress lets you channel your inner Isabela without sacrificing your style. Get it here!

Accentuate your legs with this purple A-line dress! Get it here.

This purple maxi dress is for beautiful women in all shapes and sizes. Get it here!

If you’re into vintage style, this purple Bohemian dress is for you. Get it here!

This elegant purple dress is something you can wear for brunch with your girlfriends! Get it here.

Just like you, this lavender floral dress is sweet and lovely! Get it here.

This purple orient-inspired dress is a combination of powerful and feminine. Get it here!

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