#ChangingLives: How Tech Shaped Our Lives for the Better

As years passed by, we have seen technology develop like a kid going into adulthood. It began with mostly crying, then crawling, then learning how to walk on its own, then finally running at speeds that makes it hard for us to catch up with. We have witnessed it successfully make our lives more convenient though at times it also had its troubles. We were thankful when it helped us well in achieving a lot of things and called out on it when it was performing sub-par than expected.

The same goes with PLDT. For many years, PLDT and technology are hand-in-hand in changing our lives for the better. They began with simply allowing us to make phone calls via the landline. And now, they give us the means to make calls wherever we are through the mobile phone or over the internet. Moreover, the availability of the internet has opened more doors to what we can do.

We treat them both like family members. More often, we depend so much on them. It’s hard not to especially when they make many aspects of our lives easier.


With PLDT and technology, we are no longer limited to sending letters through the post office, going to the library to find research materials, shopping in physical stores, waiting for photos to be developed for us to see them, and booking trips via travel agents. All these chores can be done online with the services provided by PLDT.

In addition to these, PLDT has provided a way to reconnect with old friends from elementary or high school days, to learn how to cook with ease, and to explore the world.

In terms of communication, many of us are familiar with the struggle of sending a snail mail and then just getting response months after. In school, we grew up sending hand-written notes to friends. We’d spend hours on the landline to talk to people one at a time. Also, remember the time when long distance charges were sky high? And if our brother is using the internet, we cannot make a phone call. Moreover, payphones used to be the only means to call someone if we got stuck on the road. With the evolution of PLDT and technology, we are no longer restricted with these.

dial phone

With internet, we can send and receive emails almost instantly. No more stamps, travel to the post office, and months of waiting for a response needed. With the availability of instant messaging platforms, we can send and receive notes in real-time in virtually all parts of the globe.

Today, we can also do without long distance charges. The internet lets us make phone calls with just a connection and a headset. The network on our mobile phones let us make calls wherever we are, almost obsoleting payphones. We can make a call on our way to school or the airport. We can even send a quick “I’m on my way” message to a meeting. Most of all, we can now make video calls.

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When it comes to entertainment, gone are the days when we’re just limited to listening to the radio, watching TV, or reading a book. The connection provided by PLDT allowed us to play online games. In most cases, you can even play games with friends on the other side of the world.

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If there’s a song lyrics that you can’t remember, you can easily search for it. Also, now you can binge-watch your favorite shows – iflix and eat popcorn.


Lastly, travel has changed a lot with the evolution of PLDT and technology. We no longer need to see a travel agent to make arrangements. We can book everything online. If we need to research about the place we’re visiting, we can find many resources on the internet. And when we set out on road trips, we no longer need to bring a big map and compass to make sure we’re headed towards the right direction. With the internet connection on our mobile phones, there are apps that we can use that give turn by turn directions.

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PLDT and technology allowed many people travel the world while still doing work. If you’re someone like me, who works from anywhere, you’d appreciate how these two made life easier. All these conveniences, thanks to PLDT and technology!

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