Change is Coming: Market Penetration Through Groundbreaking Solutions

NPC Trade Fair 2.0 Poster Wide s

Course Specialist and Associate Professor Caroline S. Mateo, MBA, together with the Navotas Polytechnic College’s Department of Business Administration, invite you to their biggest event of 2016 – the NPC Trade Fair 2.0 “Change is Coming: Market Penetration Through Groundbreaking Solutions” this coming 6-8 September at NPC School Grounds!

With over 70 student-groups of Feasibility Studies in Marketing and Human Resource, NPC Trade Fair will showcase changes and solutions to businesses’ and consumers’ major dilemma. Upon critical and meticulous studies, the entire campus is really proud to open its exhibit not just to the City of Navotas, but to all businesses and establishments in their neighboring cities.

On September 6, Opening Ceremony and Grand Ribbon-Cutting will be spearheaded by Prof. Caroline Mateo and President Francisca Roque, to be followed by a special mass-dance performance of the selected NPC students. Mogu-Mogu and 3M Philippines (Scotch and Post-It) will also head segments and contests for the students and guests.

On September 7, two seminars will be presented in this year’s BAck-to-BAck BA Seminar powered by Dong-A and the Awards Night of Trashionista: Plastic Noon, Fashion Ngayon will be staged by Prof. Julie Ann Fidel powered by Tony and Jackey.

And on September 8, NPC, together with Redlines Entertainment Productions, will bring the first-ever Music Concert in the campus featuring Kean Cipriano and Callalily, Gracenote, Hilera, and Stellar in their annual RockBackToSchool tour that will serve as the NPC Trade Fair Closing Program.

There are also a lot of surprises to be given away! Just like and follow the event’s page at facebook.com/NPCTradeFair and use their official hashtag, #NPCTradeFair for more info!

If you want to visit and be part of the upcoming trade fair, you may contact John Carlo Santos at +639261438164.

NPC Trade Fair is presented to you by Prof. Caroline S. Mateo, MBA together with Prof. Julie Ann Fidel and the Department of Business Administration; co-presented by Redlines Entertainment Productions, Oishi, Scotch, Post-It, Dong-A, Mogu-Mogu, Gardenia Philippines, Payless Xtra Big Pancit Canton, Tony and Jackey Beauty Salon Corporation, Bangs Salon Corporation, and NDR Printing Services; also brought to you by Technopack Backpacks, I Love Massage, and Pancit ng Malabon Express; in cooperation with ERIN Laundry Shop, The Mind Museum, and Summit Natural Drinking Water; covered by their media partners Jeepney TV, Monster Radio RX 93.1, WhenInManila.com, ClickTheCity, The Courier headed by Prof. Luz Valeriano, Tinig ng Navotas, and The NPC Confessions. Official photographs are courtesy of TikiLopez.com and the event publication materials are courtesy of John Carlo Gamino, Ardyn Gonzales, and Angelo Perucho.