Challenge Your Mind and Body at Puzzled PH!

No matter how challenging last year might have been, we should all be thankful to have our friends and family by our sides this year as we face our daily challenges. Here’s a challenge you guys can solve together, though – one where you’re sure to have tons of fun getting through it!

PuzzledPH 45

Puzzled PH is a passion project aimed to bring people together by enforcing teamwork as they pass through puzzle stations that challenge both the mind and body.  There are two groups that compete with one another; the more people you have playing, the bigger the discount per head will be. In case of an uneven grouping, the team with fewer members will be given some advantages to make the game play fair.

PuzzledPH 1

Puzzled PH doesn’t give a time limit; you just have to finish all the stations before the other team! The usual game time ranges from 60 – 75 minutes; but honestly, you won’t even notice the time going by.

PuzzledPH 36

This fun short course concept is perfect for groups of friends or families who want to spend their time doing something a little more stimulating for the mind. At Puzzled PH, you’ll get to play with life-sized puzzles and brain teasers that are reminiscent of classic childhood games.

PuzzledPH 24

The course consists of 7 puzzle stations that you have to get through with your team, and you will get one key per station. These 7 keys will then be used to get to the last two stations. It’s a race to the end and the competition can get really fierce, but it’s fun to see each other’s progress.

Each team will have to go through the same stations but in different sequences, depending on the keys you get per station. Some of the stations include Tetris, Balance It, Sliding Puzzle, Pyramid, Electric Loop, Quick Station, Table Maze, Stairs, and the final challenge. So as not to spoil the surprise and challenge of each puzzle, we’ll just show you the chaos and laughter behind some of our favorite stations:

PuzzledPH 2

PuzzledPH 13

The Pyramid and Tetris stations were great starts for each team as we got more comfortable working together. We might’ve been pretty chill at first, but trust me: each station just got harder and harder as we went on!

PuzzledPH 18

If you’ve played sliding puzzle games on your phone before, then this station should be an easy one for you. Just get the gold bar out and you’re free to claim your key and proceed.

PuzzledPH 28

PuzzledPH 22

Wobbly Table and Table Maze might look easy-peasy, but these were actually the stations we had to do over again and again. Remember: game masters will always have their eye on you, so you can’t cheat! However, they are also there to give you some tips on the rules and provide hints in case your group is taking too long at a particular station.

PuzzledPH 34

PuzzledPH 43

Once you’ve gotten past the first 7 stations, you can proceed to the final challenge. Before your team can get to the second level, though, you will literally have to assemble the stairway to get there. Each plank has puzzle holes of different shapes that you have to match. As the photo above commands, “Don’t force pieces that don’t fit.”

PuzzledPH 37

Finally, the last challenge will really test your team’s aptitude for brain teasers. You really have to look at things from every perspective. The riddles and questions are no joke, though! Our team might’ve had a lead in the first few stations, but this last station had us so stumped that the other team eventually caught up to us.

PuzzledPH 46

PuzzledPH 50

Even so, our team reigned victorious as we were the first to let down our flag. Don’t worry, though, even if one team has completed the puzzles, the other team can still keep going; so everyone’s a winner!  Of course we couldn’t leave without taking our group picture as the Winner team and Puzzled team.

Overall, the Puzzled PH experience is really one for the books. It’s definitely something you should try to test your teamwork, thinking skills, and even your physical abilities. We can’t wait to go back!

Puzzled PH

PHASES Building, 2823 Zamora Street, Pasay (a 3 – 5-minute walk from Edsa Taft MRT/LRT stations)