CFC Youth for Christ launches its 27th International Conference in the Online Space

The pandemic has forced us to migrate online. And it is no easy feat especially if you are used to organizing events in flesh. Nonetheless, we need to roll with what we have.

Every dry season, Youth for Christ (YFCs) from all over the globe gather for the CFC YFC International Conference (ICON). This year, despite the pandemic, ICON will continue to send a loud testament that nothing can lockdown the Catholic Faith. The pandemic may have imposed limits on the event, but it continues to push forward online!

Titled, AWESTRUCK, YFC ICON 2021 is a reminder that regardless of our current situation, we are alive. Anchored on Joshua 3:5 and Colossians 3:14, the event promises to take its participants into an out-of-this-world journey of self-discovery and search for love.

To adapt with the times, the event also launched its E-Sports competition with tournaments for Mobile Legends, COD, DOTA2, and a Kahoot Quiz Bee. Its creative competitions have also found a new platform online as the event took to Facebook and TikTok music, spoken word poetry, dance, and even foley showcases.

On April 9-10, 2021, the main event weaves cultures together all under the same faith through its restructured online events. Its biggest iteration so far, YFC ICON 2021 will convene more than 19,000 participants as they interact and form international friendships through various workshops and sessions aimed at nourishing and igniting their passion and faith to move forward.

Singer, rapper, and songwriter Quest will also join the festivities in ‘A Love Like This’, a night of music and love.

The whole CFC Youth for Christ community is elated to take its vision of being and bringing Christ to new heights as it explores the world of online events. YFC ICON 2021 will be an outpour of grace and love – things we need now more than ever.

Are your ready to be Awestruck? Because we surely are!

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